SteemAX is currently in need of a logo.

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SteemAX is a web app that allows Steemians to automate an exchange of upvotes with other Steemians for a set duration. The AX in SteemAX stands for "auto-exchange".

I envision the logo to simply be the name "SteemAX" with two arrows chasing each other around the "AX", conceptually similar to the rings of Saturn. The primary color should be white, and the secondary/highlight color should be a blue on the pastel side, but not entirely. Just, not baby blue, OK? The font choice is yours. No other shapes should be in the logo other than the name and the two arrows. One version of the logo should be a banner with the whole name with arrow-rings, and another version should be a square with just the AX and arrow-rings. I need the logos delivered as a transparent SVG. It would be nice if this was also delivered as a transparent PNG at high resolution (larger than 2000 x 2000 and 72 DPI or higher) as well.


June 27th

Similar task

In order to meet guidelines I have made two separate tasks, one for the page layout and one for the logo design, although it may make more sense for a single designer to do both if they have both skills and are willing. Click here to see the page layout task request.


My name is Mike (Mike-A on Discord)
The best way to reach me is on my discord server:




This task request is now open. Information for designers:

  • Only post your work to comments and wait for approval from project owner. Project owner will pick 1-3 best works. Other works might be picked by the moderators if they decide so.
  • Deadline for posting your comment: 29th June 2018 23:59 UTC. Comments after this deadline wont be reviewed.
  • Make sure provide all requested assets.

Thanks for your job!!

hello... this is my entry.
STEEM-AX Logo.jpg

best regard, Moenawar.
thank you indeed.

Thank you. This is a good design. I'd like to see the rings with the arrows as they carry the primary meaning of the logo.

how about this?
STEEM-AX Logo_option.jpg

Thank you indeed

Thank you @moenawar you are one of my runner up choices!

You are welcome, I did my best :)

This is my entry...

SteemAX preview 03.jpg

Thank you. This one really captures the essence of the arrows! They indeed look like two arrows chasing each other like the rings of Saturn! I like the blue outline around the white lettering, but I see now how that may not transfer to other backgrounds very well, so I like the very top version best, I just ask that the S be capitalized. Thanks!

Thank you @belardo! I have chosen this design to use for SteemAX!

Thx you @learnelectronics, Its amazing to choisen me between so many excelent designs. Please contact me if you need some revision. Good luck with your SteemAX project!

Whoa. I did not ask for all these weird misspelled upvote bots.

How do I design a model with this, sir @learnelectronic?testtest.png

Hi @learnelectronics, here is my proposal. Hope you'll like my idea :) Link to the source files.

Thank you for your work. I like the solid lettering best. Very clean look.

Hello sir, here is my proposal for your task request. I focused on joining the elements (A, X, arrows) in a harmonious way :)


Thank you. You have a nice design with a clean and modern look.

Hi @learnelectronics this is my contribution to your task request. What is your opinion?


Thank you. This is a very interesting design.

HI @learnelectronics here's my design entry..Thanks! :)

Thank you for your work. This is a very stylish design. I really like the font although I do wish the arrows were chasing each other in a full ring.

Here's another version of my design @learnelectronics

i will make some adjustments to it now @learnelectronics and post here again..thanks!

Thank you. This is an interesting design. I like the cutaway effect although I don't feel like the arrows are chasing each other.

Hello @learnelectronics

I have made my logo proposal using a differente perspective of your concept, because there are too many proposals of the same idea already.

The letter X is composed using two arrows that are opposing and symbolize the exchange of upvotes. Colors can be change if you want.

Captura de pantalla de 2018-06-23 00:22:00.png

Captura de pantalla de 2018-06-23 00:22:09.png

Captura de pantalla de 2018-06-23 00:22:16.png

Captura de pantalla de 2018-06-23 00:22:24.png

I like it! It is very strong and different to the others

Me like it <3

@learnelectronics please give me your feedback

Hello @learnelectronics I really need to have your opinion to know what to do next. Should I make a official post of my contribution? Would you like to ask for modifications?

Thank you. This is good work. I like ideas that are outside the box. :) I am interested in two arrows chasing each other because that represents the meaning and utility of the web app, as best as I can see it, which is an ongoing exchange. The two arrows opposed to each other might mean a single exchange. SteemAX allows the user to set the duration for automated exchanges, which can be as much as two years. To me the arrows chasing each other in a ring best signifies this and is primary to my motivation in seeking this design. Don't get me wrong though. I do like your design. :)

I decided to make the arrows chasing each other in a different way.
I hope you like my propossal!

Thank you. Your idea for the arrows is interesting.

Hi @learnelectronics . Here is my entry. hope you like it :)

Thank you. This is a very interesting design, although I feel like the X also looks like a C attached to an incomplete circle. I like version one best.

How about this?

Thank you for your work. This is a very interesting design. I feel like the arrows should be more elliptical, but I like it this way too.

@learnelectronics I present my proposal in the two versions that you request, using the references that you left to make this design, I hope you like it and if you want any change, do not hesitate to tell me. regards

Model 1

presentacion para github22.png

Model 2

presentacion para github33.png

Thank you. I really like model 2. Very clean and modern.

@learnelectronics How good that you liked it if you want some change or some version of that specific model to see it better do not hesitate to ask for it happy day

Here is my Logo proposal for your project @learnelectronic. If you want me to make a detailed publication about the creation process let me know.

Hi @learnelectronics.
I present my proposal. I used the colors you requested with a bit of darkness to create parts of the letter over another, however I can join the forms.



Thank you for your work. The gradient in the lettering is interesting.

Hi @learnelectronics this is my contributions for this task request, I try to combine some ideas in one design, I hope you like my proposal.






Thank you. I like the font for the AX although I'm not sure why there's a period.

Hi @learnelectronics, here is my proposal, I hope you like my proposal, and comply with your requirements



Thank you. Your design has a very clean look. I like the arrows although I almost want to see the right arrow "behind" the X, and not just from the side. Although it's good this way too.

Thank you very much for the receptivity, I can present it in my post in two ways, for you to choose, I will be leaving the linck here thank you very much @learnelectronics

Here is my post thank you very much for allowing us to be part of your project, choose the best greetings;)

@learnelectronics here's my logo proposal hoping and waiting for your approval.


Thank you. This one is very stylish and pops out really well.

Hi! This is my proposal!


Hello... This is my own contribution...




You can give your feedback... :)

Thank you for your work. I enjoy the font but I'm not sure about the double rings with the arrows pointed at each other.

Ok... Hello @learnelectronics ... Here's my second version...




Hi @learnelectronics, this is my proposal. What do you think? (open image in new tab to better looks)


This is another option, looks better when each corner I blunt.


Saturnus circle version


Hello @learnelectronics here is my proposal, i made the logo based on your description and sketch.
I designed the logo by making sure two arrows are chasing each other around the AX like the ring of saturn, no other shape was added, except all you requested in your post description. I hope it meet up with your expectation.


Thank you. I like the font and the rings. Nice design.

am also waiting for mod approval then i start working.......

Absolutely amazing! Thank you everyone! I will make a decision on June 27th, Wednesday. I've receded the deadline by two days. Thank you!

Waiting for approval. So i can create one logo for ur project. 😀

Who should I reach out to? Theres no name.

Hi, I'm Mike. My discord name is Mike-A. :) Pleased to meet you.

Thank you for your work. I like this one best.

hi @learnelectronics, this is my design for your logo, i hope you are interested.


thanks :)

I really like the font on this one. Very modern.

if you are interested i will post in full, thanks ;)

Hi, @learnelectronics here is my proposal. Hope you'll like it. :)

Thank you for your work. I like the font and the general look of this one.

Thank you for your work. This one is very interesting although I'm not sure I feel like the arrows are chasing each other? I do like how they cut away the letters though.

Here is my Work


Hope you liked it! :D Suggestions are open @learnelectronics

Thank you. The ribbon is an interesting idea. Is it possible to see this with the Steem and the AX the same font size?

Yes not a Problem at all! Are there more you want to suggest?

Here is a logo that I design.

Do you like it?
Which option looks better and interesting to you?

Thank you.

Thank you for your work. I like the san serif font best, but i'm not sure about the extra elements that were added to the arrows.

Hi @learnelectronics. I have 4 logo design proposal, different perspective of your concept for SteemAX. Color can be change.


Best Regard


I like version 2. One of the reasons I requested arrows chasing each other is that they represent on ongoing, automated exchange. In version 2 and 4 I feel as if the arrows represent a single exchange. But I like the font and basic shapes of number 2 the best.

Thanks you sir @learnelectronics for your feedback. What about the color? do I keep or change?

Hi Sir @learnelectronics. I have another logo design. No.1 small circle and no.2 big circle.

Hello! This is my proposal for your task request. Tried to keep it simple, but still make it readable. Please open the image in a new tab for full size.


Thank you. Looks good.

Hi @learnelectronics. here's my design entry. I hope you like my design

version 1

version 2

I like version 2 for sure.

Hello @learnelectronics! We have already talked in discord and here's my proposal for your task request

SteemAX preview.png

Feel free to comment or suggest if there's any way I can improve the design. Thanks!

I like how the arrows are a part of the A. And the X has the upvote symbol which is clever.

Thank you so much! I will make different variation of colors in my post. Does this mean my design is already accepted?

Please this is my design.


Made some difference and changed the appearance. Hope you love it.utopia (2).png

Thank you for your work however this is very far outside my design request. I can see resolution differences between the graphics that aren't good.

hello Mr. Mike This is my proposal I hope you like it



This is very interesting but I'm having a hard time understanding the meaning of the shapes. The A and X aren't very identifiable.

hello... this is my entry.



Hi @learnelectronics, this is my logo proposal for SteemAX :)

I have followed all the requirements. The icon with AX and the arrows and the the whole text Steem AX with the arrows. I have also followed your logo color request which is white as the primary color and blue as the secondary one.

This is my first logo design.

This is my second logo design.

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It actually kind of blows my mind that this design already existed.

Hello sir @learnelectronics, Greetings!

Let me propose my design about your TR, The concept of it is the letter "a" and "x" letter a beside to each other with a two arrows pointing to each other.


Best Regards!

Hello this is my entry Following your requirements I wanted to make a minimalist logo without so many details but representative, fresh and dynamic, greetings I hope you like it, I wait for your approval to make my post




hello sir,, this is my contribution for the project,, hope you like it.


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Good day sir, here is my design for steemax logo.