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I'm relatively newbie on Steemit and, but I'm amazed with a way these projects apply blockchain technology to social media. And I want to help in whatever way I can. So for the last three weeks I was experimenting with creating different kinds of content for steemit and, reading approved and rejected materials on utopian, learning the details of steem blockchain implementation and closely watching STEEM/SBD market situation. I believe I've accumulated enough knowledge of the steem ecosystem to be useful in more way than one. I'd like to offer my help to utopian as a moderator.

About me

I don't like to share my personal details online, so I will be very brief here. I'm a software developer with many years of experience, blockchain enthusiast and hobby-writer (in terms of online content creation, I don't intend to write books... Yet).

My contributions:

I wrote total of 4 utopian tutorials so far (3 of them are approved):

And I will keep them coming...

I also created 1 suggestion, which described my personal pain-point with steem-js library and which unfortunately hasn't gathered much traction.


I'd like to review on or more of following categories:

  • Tutorials/Video Tutorials - because I have experience writing them
  • Suggestions and Development - because I'm a software developer myself so I have the knowledge required

I'm waiting for the feedback. Thank's for considering me.

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