How To Install Ubuntu on Termux Android

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What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn how to install ubuntu on android via termux


  • Termux You can get it in google play


  • Intermediate

Tutorial Contents

  • Install package update & upgrade

    if you have installed termux, now install package update & upgrade with command $ pkg update && pkg upgrade
    if it appears [Y / n] typey and enter

  • Install git

    if finished step above, now install git because we will clone file from github, with command
    $ pkg install git
    if it appears [Y / n] typey and enter

  • Instal wget and proot

    To complete the installation, now install wget with the command
    $ pkg install wget
    if it appears [Y / n] typey and enter
    And then install proot with the command
    $ pkg install proot
    if it appears [Y / n] typey and enter

  • Clone ubuntu

    After finishing, now we will clone the file from github with command
    $ git clone

  • Change permission

    now go to the folder with the command
    $ ls and $ cd termux-ubuntu and type $ ls again.
    Then change the permissions with the command
    $ chmod +x

  • Run the file

    this will take a long time, depending on your internet speed.To run it, type the command
    $ ./
    Wait for downloading 35Mb file

  • Run the ubuntu

    This is the last step, type the command
    $ ./

congratulations you have successfully installed ubuntu in android via termux.


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