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RE: @Finallynetwork - Announcing Collaboration Submissions

in #utopian-io5 years ago

Hello @finallynetwork, thank you for using Utopian. We noticed that you tagged your contribution as "blog," but your contribution seems more like a task request for Idea contribution. For this reason, your contribution is reviewed and scored as a task-request. I appreciate the detailed request and the form which you have created to gather ideas to improve your app. It's pretty and straightforward. I hope that you get people submitting ideas to help you improve. Thank you for using Utopian.

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

To view those questions and the relevant answers related to your post, click here.

Need help? Write a ticket on
Chat with us on Discord.


Thanks for looking over my post @knowledges. I didn't think to use the ideas category but that makes complete sense.

Thank you for your review, @knowledges! Keep up the good work!

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