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Together, we can make things happen!

Are you a passionate open source contributor who loves contributing to interesting projects? This is your chance to get involved in our weekly IdeaHub show and listen to the fresh ideas pitched by our guests. We love seeing cool and revolutionary projects development which fits perfectly with our goal at Utopian: Supporting and empowering open source project and contributors. We are always ready to support the growth of these projects.

Bring your thought into reality

We have had several shows with various people who shared great and interesting project ideas. The sessions were collaborative and exciting. We've heard beautiful ideas/thoughts tossed for both developing and fresh projects. We strive to keep this activity on by bringing more like-minded individuals together to create or shape the thoughts into reality. Do not hesitate to join our weekly show to pitch your valuable project ideas either to an existing project or new projects happening live every Monday from 8-9PM UTC.

Previously on IdeaHub

We had another important and exciting session on the show. Our guests were well prepared and pitched terrific ideas to the community.
Our first guest was @ecoinstant talking about a project he already started: Steemlogs is a very handy but essential explorer used to get data from the Steem blockchain. The project is still undergoing developement and contributors are welcome to help improve the project.

We also had our dear CEO of (Diego Pucci) on the show who shared some insight about the state of the Utopian Indiegogo campaign. For those who are unaware of this campaign, you can click here to see some awesome perks waiting for you to grab before anyone those.

Thanks to everyone who spent their valuable time with us on the show. Stay tuned for our next show and do not forget to invite your friends! Click here to listen to last week's IdeaHub show podcast. To listen to the other week's Session, please use any of the like below:

Here is how to get in touch with us to pitch your idea.

Are you excited about this initiative? You should be! Here is how to register and pitch your revolutionary idea.

  • Join Utopian's discord server:

  • Quickly introduce yourself on the #introduction section

  • Navigate to the #get-onair channel and tell us a little bit about your project idea

  • I will get in touch with you to line you up for the show.

We are everywhere!

_ we are streaming to most of our social media accounts and forum such as Facebook, Youtube, Vimm, and of course our discord server where we stream live from. We are also available on podcast which will allow anyone to listen to the show at their convenience._

About Our Host and Crew

Our host, @jedigeiss is a developer, a banker, and a Steem veteran. He’s a member of the new steering committee aimed at creating the Steem Alliance foundation that will take over much of the managing of the blockchain from Steemit Inc.

Producer @buckydurddle is a veteran producer of both video and audio, and the CM of our Video Tutorials category. He edits the shows, runs the raffles, and makes sure everything works.

See you on the show on Monday 8-9pm UTC

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If someone were to !sneeze at you and infect you in the process, would you still be able to do all this good work?

Hmmmmm. I won't get infected by any disease that easily. However, If I did get infected, it would not last forever. :D

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I was wondering as a non-developer if I can write about open source project with good development I have been following for a while.
What criteria do I need to meet?
What should the post feature or not feature if at all the opportunity is given?

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Hi, @paulo380. Thanks for stopping by.

What criteria do I need to meet?

Although the question seems a little bit confusing but, I think I got it. As a non-developer, you could support open source projects with ideas, bug-hunting, copywriting, visibility, translations, graphics and so much more. In fact, There are many ways you could support any open source project. Just think of what talent you can offer to improve the project. You do not need to be a coder to contribute.

What should the post feature or not feature if at all the opportunity is given?

Good question, If you are planning on contributing via Utopian, we have different categories you could contribute to. To make it easy for you to contribute, we have a set of guidelines to guide you. All you have to do is go through and understand them. They are pretty easy to understand. However, if you got confused at some point, you could reach out to us on our Discord server for more information

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Hello @knowledges Please can we chat on WhatsApp? It's important

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Why is it important? Anyways, you can contact me on discord. Search for the username: knowledges (Smiles' at all)#3295

Please don't be offended my dear brother. I do not have/use/know how to use the discordapp.

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Discord is a very simple app just like Whatsapp. You can actually reach me faster on discord to Whatsapp. Simply download the discord application from their website.

OK... I sent you a request on Discord.

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Please let's make it WhatsApp.... I can give my number or you can give yours.

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