Helping fix 1 annoying thing on DTube.

in utopian-io •  9 months ago

I'm writing about and submitting some small changes I made to DTube to fix an issue which was troubling me while using the site. I made this change for myself as the bug was annoying to me.

tl;dr summary

  • Update meteor file so it would run locally
  • Make vote % save to user so stays set after leaving site
  • Make NSFW setting save to user so stays set after leaving site

When browsing DTube I like to set my voting to around 5-10% of voting power. This way I can keep liking as I watch many videos. The problem I found was that when I left the site and came back my voting power was always set to 100%.

This would cause me to vote 100% more often than I should meaning my voting power was too low to vote more videos.


I first opened this as issue #9. I then started looking through the code.

The first problem I had was that I couldn't run the program locally. I started talking to @heimindanger on Discord and we were able to figure out (mostly him) that the .meteor/versions file was out of sync with his local version. I ran meteor update && meteor npm update to update and committed as can be seen here.

Once I had it working locally I tried my initial solution which was to save the % value to localhost. After reviewing @heimindanger told me that he already created an object easily save this values called UserSettings. Once I knew that it was just a matter of replacing Session object with UserSettings across several different files.

After doing this for the voting % setting I also found that NSFW setting needed the same change.

PR #11 - Save vote percentage
PR #13 - Save NSFW setting, waiting for merge but same change as accepted PR just a different setting

Thanks for read, I know this isn't a lot of changes to the code but it was an enjoyable experience for me. I think it will make browsing the site a little bit more convenient once the change is live in version 0.8.

Thanks again @heimindanger for walking me through parts of this and @utopian-io for past support on my incremental improvements to random steem apps.

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Where did you get the template for this type of article? I need to write a similiar article, but about a task I completed for an utopian-io task.
Cool fix, Javascript: "eww", just kidding :)


Just wrote this one as I went.

Thank you for your contribution. It seems like very small changes to the repository, please try to add more features if you can from the next contributions.

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