Project: Steem Wallet -" Steem wallet android application published on github with full Resource.

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Hi everyone,

I maked a app which name is "Steem Wallet"

Steem Wallet is an apps of Android which gives us the information of steemit account wallet and also had converter. This project is open source and everyone can customize it.
The Project is here

Logo of the Apps


Anyone can directly use this app by download or clone from Here

If anyone want to customize this apps download the full resource from here

Opensource java script file list

This file is upgradable from github


Account Details


Converter (Real time)


Claimed/ Unclaimed Reward


Wallet Profile


I hope everyone will like my project and use the app.

Do not waste your time. Download the apps from here



Good job though I am not programmer.

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it look great my friend, hope there is one for iOS soon!

I'd give it a try

I've not been able to download it.

please download using pc or phone browser dextop mode

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