use tab to navigate all of the editors interface - suggestion for defold game engine

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Submitted issue


  • interface
  • key-mapping

Proposal Description

following this forum topicI want to suggest the ability to navigate all of the interface using tab and arrow keys.

Mockups / Examples


At the moment it's impossible to jump from a panel to another using only keyboard, that can slow down the workflow of experienced users. keyboard navigation is usually faster and almost necessary for automation.

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Hi @kiaazad, thank you for your contribution.

As I told you on Discord (thank you for your kind response), it seems that Defold is not Open Source, the repository that you added is to track issues.
Here is a discussion about why Defold is not Open Source

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Thank you for your review, @favcau!

So far this week you've reviewed 2 contributions. Keep up the good work!