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Following the request by @mahdiyari to suggest improvements for "see the post here" I want to suggest "sortable lists" and more information:
More information always comes handy when we manage a trail or simply want to choose one, as a trail manager I often need to check and see who have been helping the trail the most, right now the only information we can see in the list of trail followers is their name and the percentage the have set their vote weight (unsortable)
having some information about when they joined, how many successful votes have they done, what's their estimated vote value and such can help me find the ones whom helped the most and recognize their contribution.

Mockups / Examples

first one is the number of successful votes, this can help find out if somebody is truly following the trail or spending their votes somewhere else. as you know the users can set their Voting Power limit high and stop voting for the trails as soon as their VP drained to 99 percent for example. this way they can appear as an active member of a trail without contributing to it.

the next one is the estimated vote value, very useful when we check to see who is on the top of our trail.

this one might put some put some calculating load on the steemauto server, but if we keep a track of how many times a user voted and checking their vote value, we can add up those vote values and store them as the total value of their contributions.

together these information combined with sortability would turn steemauto into a more powerful tool than it already is.


Ability to sort the trail followers by vote value, number of votes and their total contribution to a trail.

Proof of Work Done

The developer asked for a post or comment through steemit on his post
my githob

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Hi @kiaazad thank you for the contribution

an advice from me : for your next contributions try to explain better the benefits of your suggestions what they can do for the project and it's users and what issue the features you are suggesting will fix etc...

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