Limit zero reputation users to one post per day - suggestion for steemit

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  • Posting
  • Bandwidth

Proposal Description

After submitting a post I've noticed a post from a zero reputation account, upon further exploration I've found out that this account is posting every few minutes without running out of bandwidth.
his posts are getting flagged immediately and he doesn't get any rewards from spamming but spam like this still uses resources and inflates the blockchains size.
My suggestion is including reputation in bandwidth calculation, or limit the number of post an account can send (including comments) to the number of their reputation below a certain threshold like 25 rep, it should only effect the spammers whom keep spamming despite getting flagged constantly.
to be safe we can allow at least one post per day just in case the user want's to turn around and amend his/her reputation, or we can allow additional posts for every xx amount of steem power in case a user needs a faster comeback.

Mockups / Examples



  • Eliminates lots of repeat spammers
  • Makes users think twice before starting to spam

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Hello @kiaazad, thank you for supporting the steem project by suggesting to it.
The idea you share lacks a lot of resources to make it look feasible. Your suggestion lack mock-ups on how you want your ideas to be actualized. Visual description is always advisable perhaps with the aid of a flowchart. An example is shown below;

tgnh_a_762429_o_f0005g (1).gif

This way, you give a visual expression on how your idea can be actualized and can easily be understood by the PO.

Furthermore, you have not adequately defined how the idea you share solves the spam issue. Perhaps you should look into @steemitblog recent update which address the issue of limiting comment from 20 secs down to 3 sec of which many are happy with looking at this feedback here and here.

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Thank you for your review, @knowledges!

So far this week you've reviewed 1 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Making similar limitations on Steem interfaces that do not display only specific content may not work. If Steemit implemented it, there is nothing that would forbid them to use a different app.

Perhaps you meant it to be implemented in the blockchain rather than in Steemit frontend. But I fail to see any general advantage in implementing this strict limitation.


should I change the Repository?
may I ask what's the proper Repository for steem?


It is not only about the repository. I feel that you mixed Steemit and Steem a bit.

The repository of Steem is


thanks, I'll try to suggest it directly ^_^