Dynamic signatures in the post body

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The problem

since the steemit post can't be edited after seven days, putting links or information that are subject to change into a post can cause trouble, there are few scenarios that we need the ability to change some information in the post body later on:

  • invite links such as discord, telegram and other chat applications

these links always change and when we generate a new invite link, usually the old link expires.

  • links to post that are in the same series

if you ever posted about a topic in a series of posts, you've noticed the need of adding the link to the next post in the series, into older posts. but we often can't edit those older posts.

  • links that point to a tutorial or howto

often the way we use some website or service changes and those old howto posts need to be replaced, since we can't edit the post itself we have to write a new one but the link in all of the older posts can't be updated either, recently I observed such a problem with the changes happened in steemauto login process.

  • personal signatures

most of us are guilty of putting some type of signature at the end of our posts, don't you wish you had a way to update your signature on those old posts?

  • donation information

collecting donation is never an easy task, but it gets harder when you switch from one method to another and you can't replace the address to your closed paypal account with your bitcoin address or your hacked IOTA address with a new one. or maybe you just want to remove the option to donate completely but, can't edit posts


  • JSON Metadata
  • posting


We can add fields to the JSON Metadata that holds the personal information like link to avatar and header image, display name, about location and website to hold a little more info for more experienced users to use.

{"profile":{"profile_image":"https://orig05.deviantart.net/7bdd/f/2017/254/4/9/27418_by_kiaazad-dbn5zre.gif","about":"Nothing special about me"}}


{ "signature1":"I don't always use signatures, but when I do..." "signature2":"Donations are accepted on xcoin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "signature3":"a list of my other tutorials https://steemit.com/@kiaazad" "signature3":"More in this series [part1](steemit.com/@kiaazad) [part2](steemit.com/@kiaazad) [part3](steemit.com/@kiaazad)" }

and so on...

then we can add them to the posts with the same code the rest of metadata is added to the interface.

Mockups / Examples

I'm not familiar with JSON and how it's implemented into the post body but I'm sure even if it's not as simple as I imagined, lot's of users still prefer to have the option to do something like:

and get something like:

the signatures can be added in the setting page:


  • the ability of updating the critical information in the old posts after the seventh day.

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