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Node.js is a suitable environment that developers can use within Java applications. It provides tools to implement coding tasks and troubleshooting to enhance operating system. Also, it represents a valuable instrument for designing, testing applications and customizing to the business needs.

Node.js, as usually, encourages developers to be self-taught and to learn and to share alternative routes to improve their businesses and to enhance their own projects.

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Translation Overview:

Continuing this time with the text Crypto: Verify, ECDH, and Methods and Property of Crypto.

Remember that this module of cryptographic encrypts data by implementing certain certificates such as Cipher and SPKAC that works with some other instances as Verify; and, it has some methods and properties on its own that helps to understand the Buffer function.

On the one hand, the class verify is used in the verification the signatures legibly by employing simple methods that create the key and passwords of users. It makes simpler the authentication of customer within the program. By using simple commands and readable data, the authentication is perfectly done in simple steps. Developers may find this module easy to rea and to understand since it explains clearly what steps take regarding the use of this instance.

On the other, among the properties and methods used by Crypto are crypto.constants and cryptp.DEFAULT_ENCODING. Both contain commonly constants for crypto and security related operations within the Buffer, and work with previous versions of the application.

Finally, the class ECDH helps to create the elliptic curve Diffie Hellman which helps to the passwords exchange. It computes the shared secret as well as the public keys by encoding in laitn, hex or, base64. Its instances provide the establishment of the private key Diffie-Hellman. Algorithms given by them are completely independent from the OpenSSL.
Morover, as it is indicated in its Wiki: “Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) is key agreement protocol performed using elliptical curves rather than traditional integers (see, for example DH and DH2). The protocol allows parties to create a secure channel for communications.

When using plain ECDH, you usually pair it with a signing algorithm like ECDSA or RSA. See, for example, RFC 4492, Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Cipher Suites for Transport Layer Security (TLS). For authenticated Diffie-Hellman using elliptic curves (and other security assurances such as key confirmation and forward secrecy), see ECMQV, HMQV and FHMQV.”

Almost ending with this work, it has allowed me to approach a little bit more into the complex and new program, and how it is useful to the people who will use it. Also, it has given me the opportunity to face different challenges and demands of this kind of technical texts. I consider developers will find it more approachable since it is translated in their own mother tongue which will turn this topic even more interesting to read.

As they’re seen in the three texts, the following examples show parts of the nature of the document:

  • Example #1:
    Calculates the HMAC digest of all of the data passed using [<0>hmac.update()</0>][].

Calcula el resúmen HMAC de todos los datos pasados usando [<0>hmac.update()</0>][].

  • Example #2:
  • English:
    Updates the <0>Hmac</0> content with the given <0>data</0>, the encoding of which is given in <0>input_encoding</0> and can be <0>'utf8'</0>, <0>'ascii'</0> or <0>'latin1'</0>.

Actualiza el contenido <0>Hmac</0> con los <0>data</0> dados, cuyo código es dado en <0>inputEncoding</0> y puede ser <0>'utf8'</0>, <0>'ascii'</0> o <0>'latin1'</0>.

  • Example #3:

  • English:
    The default encoding to use for functions that can take either strings or [buffers][<0>Buffer</0>].

  • Spanish:*
    La codificación predeterminada a usar para las funciones que pueden tomar los strings o los [buffers][<0>Buffer</0>].


This translation was from English to Spanish.
I am a translator in Spanish, English and French. I also work as an English and Spanish teacher as a second or foreign language. I have worked with technical translations in different topics being this one interesting due to the technical terms and use when translating.

Word Count:

Words translated were: 1052
Total amount words translated in this project: 7702

Pervious Contributions to this Project:

Proof of Authorship:

Proof of authorship is verifiable by clicking in my Crowdin profile, especially in my contribution by checking my activity, and in the translated text Crypto.


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