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RE: Introducing SteemPlus landing page :

in #utopian-io4 years ago

Thank you for these Infos. I like steem plus very much... BUT there is a big issue that makes me think about not using steem plus: Since several months i have difficulties with the memo (non public).

Error: Unable to encrypt memo, missing memo private key
Sometimes it will work (only with the masterkey) and most of the times it doesn't. That is very uncomfortable!!!!!
I know that i am not the only one .... Can you please have a look at this "problem"? Thank yot


I already fixed this issue please check again

No it is the same ERROR - i tried with active and with master key... :-(

Please DM me on Discord, I m not sure I get what the problem is

First: i don't know how to do that

Please DM me on Discord

I know ginabot and the DACH group - but that is all...
Second i have to leave now for the next 7 or 8 hours :-(

Thank you for your time :-) and i hope that i can explain it in the right way...
there is not much to say... just

Error: Unable to encrypt memo, missing memo private key

:-( So long...

I m asking for more detail as it doesn t seem like a SteemPlus related issue, since we never take care of the encryption in our side

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