Simple calendar an informative app that helps us to remember our events and anniversaries

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Hello everyone I want to introduce to you a nice app that helps us to remember our event and occasions. SIMPLE CALENDAR is an open source app and you can download it from


It those not contained ads. It helps us to keep our memory and event alive it those not act as normal calendar that keeps date alone. It has a nice features that allows you to add your own personal details to the calendar, you can also import files and export file at the same time
The main purpose of simple calendar is to keep the date, data and occasions of the users and worldwide events. Simple calendar those not only tell us the date and months in the year, it alerts us on the upcoming event. All you have to do is to search the country then the event for that month or day will pop up for example 25th December is Christmas it will indicate the date, month, and the event of that day. The useful part of this app is that you can add you birthday, friends and family birthday date and month for future references.



    • Change view
    • Filter event by type
    • Add holidays
    • Add contact birthdays
    • Add contact anniversaries
    • Import event
    • Export event


This feature enables you to change the view of the app. If you want to change the way your app display, you can change the format of the date and event to

  • Daily
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • yearly
  • simple event.

This feature is very nice and useful as well, what I notice while using this feature is that when I change my view to daily view I was receiving notifications for that day only all my events, birthday and occasions for that very day displayed on my phone. The same thing occurred when I try switching to weekly, monthly and yearly I was only receiving information and my event notification for that specific mode I switched to. While # simple-event displayed my event for that particular mode either weekly event or monthly event this are event that you save with the app you can save your birthday, friend’s birthday with the app. It will definitely remind you about the events or occasions worldwide.



Events are of different forms I use filter mode to filter my events or occasions. I saved birthdays with the birthday mode. it was really helpful because it differentiate birthdays event from other events like holidays and regular event . Filtering my event really makes everything looks organized and well structured it makes it understandable and easy to used. It specified my event for me it was really helpful compared to the other calendars.



When I installed my simple calendar after reading the functions of the app the first function I try using is adding of my country and worldwide holidays after that I added my contact birthday and anniversaries my family anniversaries and birthdays as well. This feature is really helpful to me because I now have my families and friends anniversaries, birthdays and holidays in my finger tips. I don’t longer forget my friend’s birthday because I get informed about the coming events and countries anniversaries worldwide. With the app I was able to know some countries events and anniversaries like France, Germany, Spain and many more. Simple calendar is really educative because I get information worldwide.



With this mode I was able to import and export events like my friends, families’ birthdays or anniversaries. I remember using this feature it was useful because I was able to import my old event from my android phone to my simple calendar
I was able to import my friend’s last birthday picture’s we took during the event. Simple calendar is really good you can store data with this app
and get access to it any time you are in need of it. The something happens when you decide to export your events to another source. you can always access your data.




Simple calendar is far better than android calendar, the features attached to simple calendar are awesome the functions are incredible compare to android calendar that can only display dates and days only.
Simple calendar has an authentic features like adding of countries holidays, independents and friends events, anniversaries and birthdays. Which our mobile android calendar can’t do. Simple calendar makes it easier for us to remember our last events that has been stored. while android calendar don’t gives room for such functions. As human brain works daily it is not possible to remember all the activities at a time the human brain might need reference in other to capture the mind like looking at calendars you can get to remember the event for that day.


I would say this is one of the best calendar have used so far so easy to use and informative. I recommend simple calendar to you if you don’t have it yet you can get it at
Keep your memories alive and never forget any event around you with simple calendar in your hands every event happening is displayed to you.
Thanks for reading I would like to get to know what you think about simple calendar at the comment session.


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