my suggestion for steemit to add notification push-up and instant chat/messaging.

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Hi steemians, This will be my first contribution on utopian. Today, I will be suggesting if steemit can have instant messaging app/chat or a platform where members will be able to send a message to each other without going through stress of sending SBD/STEEM as memo before they could send message to each other. In my own view, I think chating pluggin will be the best just as Facebook has chatting plugin installed apart from their normal messenger.

In addition, steemit should also include push notification in such a way that all members will be able to receive anytime our data is on. The notification that should be included includes:

1. Anytime members upvote and resteem our post.

2. When we have new followers and also anytime our followers un-follow us.

3. Comments and reply to our comments: instead of us to log in and check on comments and reply, once the notification is active on our dashboard or messaging app and also with a good tone, we would be easily notified such changes in our dashboard.

4. Lastly, we should be able to receive notifications immediately our earnings PAYOUT.

bottracker 1.PNG
here is a screenshot I make on my chrome browser while surfing on Facebook, the notifications keep popping up even though am not steembottracker page, am already been informed about whats going on on the site with the active notification push-up that was installed on their site.

The notification button should be like that of facebook in order for all members should know all their activitives while away and also for the instant chat like the screenshort above from facbook shows friends that are online and i can easily chat them up. this should also be implemeted on and

During my research, I found out some advantages of push notification in an app/website which is apparently to what am suggesting.
Below is the link to the write-up about those advantages:
The Benefits of Including Push Notifications in an App/site.

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Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.

We did have this feature before, it has been removed.

You can contact us on Discord.

Alright sir, i dont know the feature was available before

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