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RE: Weekly overview of the bug-hunting category- week 65, 2019

in #utopian-io5 years ago

Nice analysis @fego, but I believe the statistics contained in the analysis is wrong. I particularly made a contribution in the week under discussion and wasn't included in the analysis. Please I'll advice these reports are done with full accuracy as much as possible because it serves as information and guidance to for those of us in the bug hunting category.


This analysis is for week 65 and it came late, I was going to piece it together with that of this week(66) but we've had a lot of contributions this week as well, the post would have been too bulky and messy. This is a summary of the contributions reviewed/rewarded between march 21 and march 28. If you have a link to a contribution of yours that was reviewed within this period, please drop the link so it can be added.

That is on a different review sheet entirely. It falls within march 28th to april 4th.. It was reviewed on the first day of week 66, so your contribution would most definitely be in the review analysis of week 66, not week 65

Alright then. Thanks for the response.

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