Archivatory Update #007 | User Profile Cards & Media Display

in utopian-io •  4 months ago


The profile page now utilizes the card style from Bootstrap to display the content. We also gave the visitors the ability to view the content directly on the profile pages. This calls the file from the database and does not call on IPFS to load the data at this point in time.


New Features

User Profiles Now Display Cards and Content


After adding cards to the user's database page, the community thought it would be a great idea to have the same look on the profile pages along with the ability to view the content. The code is very similar to the cards in hashtable.php.


The above defines the variable that is used when creating the card data. The second half is there to let PHP know what types of files to allow for displaying on the user profile. (This is easily added to if needed in the future).


To echo out the correct HTML for the data types we use and if else statement to have PHP assign the correct markup to the current card that is created. If the file type is not in $images, $audio, or $videos arrays nothing will display. (Added a message for that case in the development branch).

To have the files display both at a good size and at the correct aspect ratio, I had to place the media tags in a <div style="width:100%"> and also set the media element to the same width. Every other attempt caused the media to either be too large or look quite odd.


So finally, we echo out $display with the rest of the HTML card markup to be displayed on the user profile pages.

GitHub Account

What's Next?

Now that we have a good base for the project I am working on integrating STEEM into the service. The aim is to allow SteemConnect login, pay for pinning and other options with STEEM/SBD, and earn votes on your content directly from your user profile.

Once SteemConnect is working, and we can link your Archivatory account to your Steem account we will work on federating the service via the STEEM blockchain. With federation, if you spin up an Archivatory node, you will earn STEEM for pinning content and helping to keep the creator's hard work from disappearing.

Thanks For Using Archivatory!

All images came from royalty and attribution free sources unless specified.

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Hey @jrswab
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

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Thank as always for the support!

Hi again!
So another project using IPFS that's awesome to be interested in this tech.

Let's go for the review:

  • Your README is detailed that's nice +1 for that.

  • Why didn't you use a php framework like Symphony or Laravel or something even lighter. You've written code that looks so last millenium :D

  • Your SQL queries are written the old way. Why not use PDO with prepared statements for example?

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Why didn't you use a php framework like Symphony or Laravel or something even lighter. You've written code that looks so last millenium :D

Never crossed my mind and being that this is my first PHP project I have been learning along the way by example. None of them ever mention a framework. But honestly I always end up hating frameworks (that's why I avoid node.js).

Your SQL queries are written the old way. Why not use PDO with prepared statements for example?

Yes, I need to learn PDO just yet to do so

This is the first I've heard of this project but I'll have to follow it more. It looks fascinating.


Thanks! Feel free to ask me anything <3

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Very cool update man thanks! good luck with the Steem integration!


Thanks brother!


You are welcome!

Could you please add the pull request or commits related to this contribution? I'll put the review on hold until then.
Thank you.

I very appreciate your knowledge and always share your ideas

Lol, this is a great post.




Lol, just edited the previous comment.

I like your post.your talking right.


every day mate :D


Ok will try