Gridcoin Development Task Request With Bounty - Build New GUI - Assets Already Ready to Go

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Completed Assets

This request for a developer is for building a new GUI with the fresh assets. New content for the assets will be built in tandem with the GUI. The designer of the assets is active in the Gridcoin community and will be around for consultation and to modify assets as needed.

The total bounty for implementing the fresh assets in a new GUI is 512,000 GRC.

Any person or team seeking to claim the bounty must contact one of the following core developers through Github or on the Gridcoin slack server.


After some discussion, a formal agreement detailing requirements for the completed task and fund release parameters will be drawn up.

Discussion around asset development and a little on implementation can be found on the asset design thread.
WARNING: Very image heavy thread


We anticipate the legacy Qt portion of the wallet to be replaced with a modern, loosely-coupled GUI framework that is able to reproduce the new assets and talk to an independent, headless “back-end” that contains the C++ wallet core. (This back-end would essentially be the existing wallet daemon with an improved, secure rpc interface to support a full GUI front-end process talking to it.)

We would prefer the new implementation be in Qt Quick, but we will entertain convincing proposals for alternative frameworks. Given that Gridcoin supports and runs on memory constrained ARM devices with 1 GB of RAM, the memory footprint of the GUI front-end is of paramount importance.


A schedule and deadline will be determined through communication between the developer seeking the bounty and the core development team.


Any person or team seeking to claim the bounty must contact one of the following core developers through Github or on the Gridcoin slack server. These developers can also be found on discord.


Slack Invite

Gridcoin discord

Additionally, an interested party can post on the bounty thread (linked below), or contact the poster of this request (also on slack or discord) and they will be pointed in the right direction.

Proposal and Poll: GUI Implementation Fund Match


The poster of this request is an organizer. Their github is:

The principal contacts for this project are the two core development team members mentioned in the "Details" section. Their Github profiles are:



Sounds like a very interesting task request, and the additional bounty should help attract some more people. Everything seems very clear to me, so hopefully you can find someone as soon as possible!

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Thank you for your review, @amosbastian! Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much @jringo for the support on my latest blog post. Really appreciate it when the bigger accounts support the developing accounts. Hopefully more people can see my post and I can gain exposure. Thank you once again! Hopefully all goes well for your future endeavours.

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