Utopian is not specifically for programmer nor is it intended for only steem based project. We are limited to open source projects on github for now and hopefully, we may extend our support to other open source platform in the nearest future.

The question that most likely be baffling you is: How do i contribute ? Well the answer is, you can start contributing as long as you have both your steem and github account.

For more information, please kindly contact us on discord :)

Thank you! I'll check out the discord channel. I don't have a github account either so I'll add that to my list of things to get done. Appreciate the insight.

No its not only for projects based on steem blockchain it is for any open source project.

And about it is not only for programmers. We have many categories like Tutorials, Video Tutorials, Documentation, Visibility and many more. Feel free to check out them.

Thank you! I'm going to check out those tutorials you mentioned because I would like to see if I can contribute in anyway. Appreciate your response and the info. :)

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