ipfs-pin-steem - a tool for pinning Dtube, Dsound, etc. to your local IPFS node

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About ipfs-pin-steem

ipfs-pin-steem is a small commandline tool written in Python to make pinning Steem content like Dtube videos or Dsound audio to your local IPFS node easier. You can simply paste the URL and it will extract the IPFS hashes from the metadata and pin it to your local IPFS Node. You can even create a single IPFS Object out of multiple IPFS Hashes.


  • extract IPFS hashes from content posted via Dtube, DLive, Dsound, Steepshot
  • pin IPFS hashes to an IPFS node
  • create a single IPFS object containing multiple IPFS hashes from multiple posts


  • python3.6
  • ipfsapi
  • beem or steem


Install with pip:

pip install ipfs-pin-steem

or if you want to use the steem library instead of beem:

pip install https://github.com/Johnn3y/ipfs-pin-steem/archive/steem.zip

see README for more installation details.


A basic example. This command will pin a Dtube post with all containing IPFS hashes (e.g. videohash,spritehash,...) to your local IPFS node:

ipfs-pin-steem https://d.tube/v/user/permlink

see README for more usage examples or run ipfs-pin-steem --help for all options.


I don't really plan any new features but if you think something important is missing, just let me know. If you want to contribute to this project anyhow, feel free to do so.

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