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Introduction and Campaign Strategy

My name is Ebixy Ebi Laffin and I have a page on Facebook where I promote open source applications.

In the last 10 years, video game development has evolved. They are now found on almost every electronic device. This has pushed up the number of video games and video game developers. And as humans that we are, we are always in constant search of the simplest way of doing things.

Evennia does just that, it comes with already made modules in python programming language. These modules are composed of sections of the program.The programmer can now focus on other areas of the program or build the whole game using only modules from Evennia.

The United States of America has the highest concentration of video game companies and developers. It is a perfect match for such ad or publicity.

Campaign Content

Link to the ads

Screenshots of ad placement.

Bidding strategy


  • Interest: Python programming language, video game development, game design, video game design
  • Fields of Study: Game programming
  • Job Titles: Video game programmer
  • Country: United States of America
  • Potential Reach: 69,000
  • Language: English
  • Age: 13 - 60
  • Platform: PC only

If your audience is less than about 40k, Facebook warns you to increase your audience or make it broader. I had to add some more interest to overcome the Facebook "audience" warning.

I choose the Cost Per Click (CPC) bidding strategy. Bidding method was set as automatic at the beginning, meaning Facebook is to deliver the ad at the lowest cost possible. After 3 days, the ad was not delivering as I desired so I switched to manual bid and bid at $0.06.

Since the application is only available on PC, i only targeted Facebook users on a computer. The call to action in the ad message was to promote or encourage more application installation.

Campaign Results & Summary

Link clicks420

Proof of Authorship





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The ad you're presenting in this post reached its goal. However, to my mind, it had some serious issues.

The issue, to me, is of really understanding what the project does, and where such a project fits in today's gaming world. MUDs and other MU*'s haven't been any kind of an economic concern for many years now. Basically, their heyday was at the end of the last century. When you target professional videogame programmers, that's not the audience. You didn't target folks who's interests include "Online text-based role-playing game," who are this project's core audience. Another, bigger group you could have targeted are people with "Python (programming language)" in their list of interests.

To me, this falls under an issue I've written to you about before: Research. Putting in the time to really get to know the project you're promoting. Had you done that, you could have crafted a much stronger ad, and targeted it to a more relevant audience.

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