Suggestion for the new Steemit interface, making the profile picture column noticeable

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My suggestion is about the new Steemit site "Steemit Beta" profile picture column.


I suggest working on the profile picture default column, thereby making it noticeable for a new account holder. My reasons is because a newbie might not really understand the platform when navigating. That column is supposed to take them to every other part of their profile including changing it to night mode.

Mockups / Examples

The image below shows a new account and looking at the profile picture column, the background is all white, only an experienced Steemian can click on the column without thinking too much.



If my above suggestion is worked on, it will make a newbie to easily navigate from the welcome page to profile, settings, night mode etc.

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  • Your suggestion is not descriptive enough, however in the screenshot example you shared, your network didn't fully load the profile page of the new user. It is not blank like that as it is portrayed in the screenshot.

For new users with no profile pictures, the below picture is always there.

  • Also on clicking on it, you can see a dropdown menu that connects to other parts of steemit

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Thanks for your response @zoneboy I read the rules before doing this write-up, probably you are making use of a computer, I used phone and I just tried again same thing happened. Maybe something is wrong somewhere

I actually tried it with a friend phone and he is a new user too with no profile picture. I believe it is the network that haven't fully load the picture @jglowsinger