Steem proposal to reduce voting rings and self-voting

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The ideal of Steem is to reach a system where people earn the currency by using their brain (also called proof-of-brain as states the bluepaper). The more brain, the more rewards. This is the power that makes STEEM valuable and appreciated, and we must preserve and keep this principle very high.

However, in recent days we see people abusing self-voting, and also small groups voting in a circle way to themselves without taking into account the content of the post. I'm not saying that self-voting or voting rings are bad at all (there are cases where this practice is fine). The problem comes when people get used to this (especially whales), then the competition to get a vote is lost, and that is why the creation of good content is discouraged. And as I said earlier, we must preserve the good content, the proof-of-brain.


Let's reduce the value of the vote to those votes that represent a good percentage of the curation of a user.

We can not impose that the vote to be distributed among 1000 different accounts, this would be very restrictive and unpopular. But I think that a fair number is distributing the vote among at least 20 people, meaning no more than the 5% of our voting power for each account.

Each user will have 20 "resistances" that represents the amount of voting power spend in a particular user. For instance, Alice has a voting power at 100%. If she votes Bob the voting power is reduced 2%. This 2% is added to one resistance called "Bob". When this resistance is above 5% the worth of the vote is reduced proportionally to this percentage.

And how is the percentage of each resistance reduced? The same amount added to one resistance must be subtracted from the remaining 19 resistances. In other words, the 20 resistances represents the distribution of our votes.

I know it is difficult to visualize at first glance. For this reason, I have created a very intuitive simulator where you can understand it directly.

Simulator - spread the vote


As you can see, when I use more than 5% of my voting power with the same author, the resistance bar turns yellow, and the worth of the vote is reduced a little bit for that author. While I distribute my votes among more people, these bars are reduced in percentage and the value of the vote remains intact.


  • Voting rings and self-voting are reduced.
  • The computational cost is small since only 20 counters should be added for a user, no more.
  • It is easy to implement on the blockchain, as you can see in the simulator.

Another proposal

Finally, I want to point out that @smcaterpillar proposed a similar system, with the difference that there is a voting power (regenerated by time) for each author you vote, and it is halved every time the curator votes for the same author. Details here.

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Hey @samhamou, I just gave you a tip for your hard work on moderation. Upvote this comment to support the utopian moderators and increase your future rewards!

Es un trabajo muy bueno y muy bien expuesto, como todo lo que haces. No sé si será esta la solución al problema, pero está claro que "algo hay que hacer"... aunque yo soy de pensamiento fatalista (No pesimista) por eso pienso que más bien, "no hay nada que hacer"
¡Y por favor, no tardes tanto en traernos tus ideas por aquí!
¡Un saludo, maestro!

Gracias amigo! haré lo posible :)

Nice idea, but how do you determine for which 20 users you have these resistance levels? The 20 users you voted for most? What happens if these change over time?

Yes, 20 users you vote more. They change over time. When you vote for a user that is not on the list, the 20 resistances are reduced a little bit. If the percentage used in that vote is greater than one resistance then the new user takes that resistance. Try it in the simulator :)

Cool, I like your idea more than mine. The changes are less drastic and it easily facilitates vote spreading.

Hey @jga! Thank you for the great work you've done!

We're already looking forward to your next contribution!

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There are many things on this platform which are harming this platform. Self-voting misuse is one of them. I agree with you that this trend should be restricted to some extent. Otherwise, this will only harm this most innovative blockchain cum social media platform.

Brutal la propuesta, esto eliminaría la burocracia salvaje que se vive en steemit por parte de los usuarios y daría más valor al generador de buen contenido. Sumado a muchas de tus anteriores propuestas, tenemos una gama de Dapps que juntas crean una convivencia para el usuario mucho más cercana al verdadero generador de valor y contenido. Este tipo de propuestas deben ser adaptadas para el común y facilitar su usabilidad para la aplicación inmediata y así descentralizar (aunque sea un poco) los pequeños grupos de autovoto. ¡Te felicito y como siempre, es un gusto leer cada una de tus publicaciones! Reesteem, upvote, like, sharing, y hasta se lo envié por correo a un par de amigos; jajajaja. Un gran abrazo y sigue así, sos tremendo. ¡Nos estamos leyendo!

PD: "Extravié mi teléfono, hay un steemit afternoon el día de mañana en embassy al que estas cordialmente invitado". Espero nos veamos.

Gracias Robert, nos vemos en el embassy.

Hola Julián, cómo estás es Daniella nos conocimos en el Embassypty, ya te sigo!! Tu trabajo está excelente!! Saludos

Hola Daniella muchas gracias! Un abrazo.

I want to point out that @smcaterpillar proposed a similar system, with the difference that there is a voting power (regenerated by time) for each author you vote, and it is halved every time the curator votes for the same author.

This would definitely boost the number of registered accounts - sock-puppets galore!

Interesante propuesta y que bueno que este apoyada con ese simulador lo probé y es bastante amigable la interfaz. Saludos.

Creo en tu propuesta y la considero necesaria... saludos

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