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[Bug Report] Incorrect Post Preview in the editor

in utopian-io •  16 days ago


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GitHub issue

Expected behavior

When breaking lines in the editor, the lines in the preview should break like requested, and the next item should appear directly below the text before the break. This is also how it works on which is a fork of.


Actual behavior

When breaking lines in the editor and looking at the preview, single breaks instead turn into spaces and double breaks are still double breaks, making a single break impossible in the preview. This is inconsistent with the actual post, which is still posted correctly, which could make submitted posts look different than an user might expect.

Look at the Preview section and compare it to the Expected behavior screenshot:

How to reproduce

Log in into When presented with the editor:

  • Write some text.
  • Add a single break line by pressing Enter.
  • Continue writing text directly after.
Browser/App version:

Google Chrome (68.0.3440.106) - most recent version
Mozilla Firefox (62.0) - most recent version

Operating system:

Windows 10 (version 1803)

Recording Of The Bug

This gif shows the difference between the preview of the editor (which doesn't break the lines) and Busy editor (which works correctly).


I've made an effort to compare the busy repository and the repository to look for an obvious change that would've made this happen, but I haven't found anything. I've also checked busy's closed issues to see if they had resolved this issue in the past, but I couldn't find anything either.

GitHub Information

my GitHub account
GitHub issue

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