SteemPunkBot - An automatism to distribute SBD as a reward for delegations to STEEMPUNKNET

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  • What is the project about?
    The project is part of the overall project called STEEMPUNKNET, being the first MMORPG running on a blockchain.
    This project call SteemPunkBot is monitoring the account @steempunknet and calculates daily a payout distribution for all delegators that delegated Steem Power to @steempunknet.
    In order to do so several informations have to be fetched and calculated as well as the transfers have to be setup and executed.
    To not waste any precious time or network capability, all the informations are stored in a small database and the bot only fetched the delta informations.
    This is done by using the virtual operations, storing the latest number and only going forward in the needed intervalls.
    The bot is completely automated, no manual intervention is needed.

  • Technology Stack
    The project uses Python, tested with version 3.6 but lower versions should also work because there is not async used in this project.
    The connection with the Steem Blockchain is done using the beem module.
    The database is a sqlite 3 database.

  • Roadmap
    Currently, we are building up the roadmap for this sub project.
    It is yet not clear how this needs to evolve.

  • How to contribute?
    Right now, for this sub project we do not need any contributions, check out the STEEMPUNK-NET project for upcoming Task Requests.

GitHub Account

Commit of the code

If there are any questions left, I am available on discord :)

Kind regards



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Thanks for the contribution, @jedigeiss! STEEMPUNKNET looks pretty interesting, I should check it out some time!

Was curious why it says Wed May 9 23:31:29 2018 but you didn't submit it sooner?

Also some tiny things about your script (on Windows at the moment so can't check if this is all the case):

  • I think you might be able to use beem's Amount class to easily parse the VESTS (definitely the case for SBDs)
  • Can probably use dateutil to parse the timestamp in one line while ignoring the time zone stuff

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