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The library I created - steemconnect-firebase-functions - had one big issue that could have prevented one from using it in a project - lack of good documentation both in the code and in the README. I believe this is not a problem anymore.

Version 1.1.1

Btw... what is this project about?

If you haven't heard of steemconnect-firebase-functions before, this is a library designed to help developers who want to use SteemConnect on the Firebase platform.

Even though it was designed for Firebase, you can use most of its functionality in any NodeJS platform. What kind of functionality?

  • implementing OAuth2 Authorization Code Grant (enables user to log in to your app using SteemConnect)
  • broadcasting operations to Steem blockchain (post, comment, upvote, etc.)


The old documentation in the README has been completely replaced with new, way more detailed one.

REAMDE docs example

Each function now has a description, a list of parameters along with their description and their type, and what is returns. Not only in the README, but also in the code in JSDocs format, for example:

 * Broadcasts a post to the Steem blockchain and returns the result of the operation.
 * @param {string} accessToken The access_token of the user.
 * @param {string} mainTag The main tag of the post (not possible to change it later).
 * @param {string} postAuthor The username of the user who wants to add a post.
 * @param {string} postPermlink The permlink of the post.
 * @param {string} postTitle The title of the post.
 * @param {string} postBody The content of the post.
 * @param {Object} [jsonMetadata] Optional additional metadata (ex. the name of the app or additional tags).
 * @returns {Promise} Promise object that resolves into the result of the operation.

results in:

VS Code

I believe it will be useful for all developers who want to use this library either on the Firebase or in any NodeJS environment. I divided the documentation into two main sections - any NodeJS environment functions and Firebase specific functions.


As I said before, I had documented each function, so the entire project. Right now if you decide to use steemconnect-firebase-functions you will have easy access to docs - both while writing your code and in the README.


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