Bug Report : Why I cannot see picture preview in editor mode?

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Expected behavior

I login to my utopian-io account and open editor for contribution. Now When I insert image from "Add image " option in editor or insert a direct link, its preview should be visible along side text.

Actual behavior

I login to my utopian-io account and open editor . When image is added through editor add image feature or direct link is inserted, picture preview failed to show.

How to reproduce

  1. Login your utopian-io account
  2. Go to Contribution at right top
  3. Go to any option and open editor.
  4. Insert image through add image feature in editor or directly paste the link.
  5. Image preview will not display.

  • Browser: Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Operating system: Windows 7

Recording Of The Bug

Here is th recording.

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Your contribution cannot be scored because it is not a bug, actually. The URL you used when directly pasting the link shows no image when following it and the way you used the editor's image display option used no URL, so it contains no image either.

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I got my mistake. Thankyou for highlighting it

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