The Utopian Edge for Project Owners, Updates to Quick Start Guides and New Knowledge Base Article

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New content has been added to the Help Center. The Knowledge Base article "The Utopian Edge for Project Owners" is complete. It highlights the advantages that Utopian brings to Project Owners who use the platform to manage their projects. The two quick start guides have been updated to reflect the new UI. A new Knowledge Base article on the Steem currencies has also been added.


The Utopian edge

Commit brings new ways to enlist and reward contributors of Open Source software development

Project owners who join Utopian gain access to a global talent pool and a new way to reward their contributors. The Utopian platform enables project owners to bring more attention to their project and coordinate project development.

A global talent pool

Utopian is home to many open source contributors from all over the world. As a project owner on Utopian, you can make task requests for your projects and quickly crowdsource from an international talent pool. Get the attention of valuable contributors and use the power of collective intelligence to develop your projects.

More visibility

Projects with an active presence on Utopian are more visible to Open Source contributors out there. Utopian's social tools also allow contributors to browse and discover projects they might want to contribute to.

Incentivized contributions

Project owners can use Utopian to incentivize development in particular areas of their Open Source project. By offering guaranteed cryptocurrency rewards and/or bounties, they can enlist contributors quickly and easily.

Find reputable and skilled people to work with

Every contribution made to Open Source projects and submitted to Utopian is stored in the immutable blockchain called Steem. This serves as a verifiable and trustworthy record of work and experience that project owners can use to assess contributors and their proficiency levels. Individual contributor profiles will show what they have worked on before and how well it was received.

All these benefits combine to form The Utopian Edge that empowers Open Source project owners.

Quick Start Guides improvements

Commit 1
Commit 2

  • New image screenshots
  • Improved text for the Contributions section in the Contributor's Quick Start Guide:


The section lists all the contributions you submitted to Utopian. The default tab is All, which shows you all of the contributions you have made on Utopian. Reviewed shows you all the contributions that were accepted by the Utopian moderators. Rejected shows you contributions you made that were rejected by the moderators. Pending shows you the contributions that are yet to be reviewed by the moderators.

Each entry shows the contribution title, when it was published, the total number of likes and comments it has and how much it has earned in dollar terms. The number next to your username is your reputation score.

Knowledge Base Article: The Currencies involved


The Steem economy has three native currencies that serve different purposes and have different properties.

  • STEEM: this is the base currency of the blockchain and it serves as a resource allocation tool when powered up and transformed into Steem Power. It can be traded for any other cryptocurrency on exchanges at any time.

  • Steem Power: this is STEEM that has been powered up and committed to a 13 week vesting contract. It can only be withdrawn in 13 weekly withdrawals. Steem Power has a direct impact on the amount of rewards an account can give to posts. The more Steem Power an account has, the more rewards it can allocate to posts through upvotes. Steem Power also determines the amount of bandwidth an account is given to perform operations on the Steem blockchain.

  • Steem Blockchain Dollars (SBD): when rewards are paid out, the accounts are given SBD and Steem Power (or Steem Power alone if a user chose so). SBD is a form of liquid STEEM and it can be traded for STEEM on the internal exchange on or for other cryptocurrencies on other exchanges.

Visit the Utopian Help Center for more information.

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