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RE: Steem Analytics - Distribution of Earnings

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Goodness! I am absolutely looking forward to that next article. How many indeed? This is the kind of statistical analysis that we need. I don't know how it can impact the behavior of minnow users, but I think it should absolutely impact the behavior of dolphins on up, if, indeed this is not the distribution we think is healthiest.\n\nDo you take SBI into account and do you think that's useful to be aware of?

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Hey @improv!

For SBI, to the extent that users receive the income through upvotes on their posts / comments then this would be included. Any bonuses payments paid outside of post rewards (e.g. through transfers) would not be included.

There's lots more analysis work to do but I'm hopeful of getting a greater understanding or the retention / earnings relationship - more on this in the next issue! Then looking at things like SBI / minnowsupport and trying to see what actually makes a difference could be a really great addition!

I am fascinated by retention. I think a lot of it, most of it, is self-motivation (based on my experience with friends) but it is made much easier with support systems, like communities and votes.

My anecdotal experience is that I have friends who I've gotten on here who come and go, but the ones who have done even one @freewritehouse post are, even if they don't blog regularly, more likely to come back and stay for a couple days before disappearing again.
And the ones for whom I've purchased SBI are more likely to come by at least once a week. I'd guess that regular sporadic engagement (if that's a thing) leads to regular regular engagement.

Guesses. Hypotheses. I look forward to your actual analysis.

Good points!

I need to be careful with drawing any conclusions. There's plenty of causation/correlation style traps on retention. Whether users leave because they don't earn or whether they don't earn because they leave or whether they stay because they engage and this has the side effect that they earn but they would stay anyway.


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