Addition of "starred message" tool on the Direct Message section of the Twitter App

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Twitter is one of the most visited social media and a great business tool. The Direct Message Section of the Twitter application is where you you interact with people privately, share ideas, and make personal connections with other users.


I am proposing the introduction of a Starred message tool in the Direct Message (Dm) section of the Twitter app.

Mockups / Examples

The DM section of the Twitter app looks like this Screenshot_2018-01-27-01-11-40.png
The only tool(circled with red) in the DM section is the one to start a new message.

I suggest that a new blue icon be introduced in this section that will represent starred messages as shown below PicsArt_01-27-01.23.46.jpg
Or the introduction of one More icon that will contain different prompts including starred messages & new messages


When someone sends an important message on Twitter, you can’t save it. Finding it later can be a pain, but the introduction of this tool will aid easy access to such useful messages.

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This is really nice. Twitter is in a remarkable development. Thank you for the information my dear brother @imohdave . I want more from you. I wish you success and happiness.

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