The number disappears when the usage changes the screen rotation to landscape.

in utopian-io •  2 years ago 

Project Information

Project name: mtg-familiar
Publisher: AEFeinstein

expected behavior

It should be when the rotation of the screen is changed to landscape, the numbers are not lost.

Real behavior

When the user enters a number and changes the screen rotation to landscape, the number is suddenly lost.

How to reproduce

  • Download app in f-droid.
  • Run the app.
  • select line 3 in the top right corner.
  • select the dice feature.
  • Enter the numbers and change the rotation to landscape.
  • suddenly the numbers are gone.
  • Browser: MTG familiar v3.5.3
  • Operating system: Oppo A33F android version 5.1.1

Recording Of The Bug

Proof of Work Done

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HI @imamw, thanks for noting and submitting this error in a report. Unfortunately, only bug reports tested on android versions 6.0 upwards are eligible for reviews.

I am sorry for any inconvenience experienced. I look forward to your future contributions.

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