November and December contributions for Swapy Exchange

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Things are moving fast at Swapy Network. This month we delivered tons of updates.


  1. Browser version available;
  2. Metamask integration;
  3. Decentralized the login (using Metamask wallet as identification);
  4. Consuming data directly from contracts (refactored all services that still relied in centralized endpoints);
  5. Implemented the protocol return flow as well as its behavior on the D’App;
  6. Added “Total returned” and “Total to be returned” on credit companies dashboard;
  7. Separated “Gross return” into “Received gross return” and “Expected gross return” on investors dashboard;
  8. Cleaned up contracts’ code by creating a solidity library to support our protocol interactions;
  9. Implemented the contract methods to provide Swapy Tokens as collateral within the protocol;
  10. Implemented the contract methods to exchange assets (buy/sell) between the investors.

Proof of work

Relevant commits and PR:

  1. Improve wallet management
  2. Refactor in get events
  3. Implement login with MetaMask
  4. Update README and Dockerfile

GitHub account

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