My first contribution to Utopian: fixed bug when loading GitHub repos

in #utopian-io6 years ago

The problem

I found this bug when I was managing my GitHub account and the apps connected to it. I removed the authorization to Utopian and tried to reconnect it, but when I did it, the Utopian website stopped working.

I first thought that the website was down. So I reached the Utopian managers on Twitter, but it turned out to be a bug.

Utopian relies on the GitHub API to fetch the user's repositories, if him/her connects the Utopian account to GitHub.

The problem was that the app was trying to load my GitHub repositories, but it didn't have the proper key (since I removed the authorization). The important part is that the GitHub repos are not crucial to Utopian. In other words, if the app cannot read the repos, it should work anyway. But the thing is that the way it was coded, if the GitHub API didn't respond, the app got stuck waiting for a response.

Proof of work


GitHub account:

Thanks to @elear that helped me to make my first contribution. I'm willing to keep contributing to this amazing project!

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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

A great contribution, but since it is a small change next time you combine 3-4 bug fixes into one post.

You can contact us on Discord.

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