How to install Gnome Tweak Tool on Kali Linux 2017-2

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Title : How to install Gnome Tweak Tool on Kali Linux 2017
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Introduction of Kali Linux

Kali Linux is one of the advanced Linux distribution Penetration Testing and security auditing. Times linux developed by Offensive Security as the successor of Backtrack Linux. Kali linux also provides users with easy access to large collections and for security-related tools, including password cracker port scanners. Kali Linux is specifically designed for Penetration Testing and as such, all documentation on this site assumes early knowledge of the Linux operating system.

Introduction of the theme

theme is a collection of background image, window color and with theme can be given according to the picture as you wish. images and colors are most influential in terms of mood and also.

Gnome Tweak Tool function

Gnome Tweak Tool or Advanced Setting is a useful program for managing configurations on Linux distributions that use GNOME 3 as the desktop environment. Generally Gnome Tweak Tool is commonly used to change advanced settings (advanced) that are not provided in the default settings menu by using themes rather than GNOME.

Here are some functions of the Gnome Tweak Tool :

  1. Install and change Gnome Shell theme.
  2. Changes the window settings.
  3. Change GTK themes and icons.
  4. Replace and change the font settings.
  5. Change the icon settings for desktop, buttons and menus.

How to install Gnome Tweak Tool on Kali Linux 2017

Here are the steps to change the theme on Kali Linux 2017-2.

1. Here's the preliminary look of the Kali Linux 2017-2 operating system.

2. Open the terminal. following the initial display rather than the terminal. as shown below.

3.First download the gnome tweak tool first by typing apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool.

apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

then type apt-get update command to update the repository instead of Kali Linux 2017-2. following image display rather than Kali Linux 2017-2 Repository update.

Select y to continue confirmation rather than install tweak tools.

Then enter the file system directory by typing commands cd/ usr/share/themes.

cd /usr/share/themes


type the ls command to view the contents rather than the themes folder. here are some types of themes that already exist on Kali Linux 2017-2..

4. Once installed, you can directly open the Gnome Tweak Tool.

Here's the look of the Gnome Tweak Tool. as shown below.

here I change as below.

display after I change. as shown below.

for other linux theme themes you can download at

Finish how to install Gnome Tweak Tool on Kali Linux 2017-2.

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