CryptoKitties - Collect and Breed Digital Cats & Get Rewarded (Game DApp Review).

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I believe that this game DApp that I'm reviewing is a completely amazing one. And honestly, it's a pleasure for me to be spreading the information about how fantastic this DApp is.

Since I was a little child, I've always loved games. I played almost all the kinds of games that you could ever think of.

I was in an environment that encouraged us as little kids to play games and have fun, as soon as we were through with our homeworks and other assignments and domestic activities.

It was more like a reward system- complete all your tasks, and play as you like. Hence, I was privileged to have played many games.

But in all those games, I never played any game that had to do with breeding animals. As a result, when I saw this game that I'm reviewing, 'Cryptokitties', I was curious to know what this game could possibly be about.

I am completely fascinated at the idea and purpose of the whole game. It's such an interesting game, especially for people that love cats, like myself. Cryptokitties is currently ranked number 49 on the games category on State of the DApps ranking.

Let's talk about Cryptokitties

product_image_cryptokitties_d8d3654c3d2aa07b14cb12e9792cd566cf45dbffc7843954b0ca72a3774ab4af_opti (1).jpg

Cryptokitties is a DApp that gives you the opportunity to buy, to collect, to breed as well as to sell different types of virtual cats. With this DApp, you can breed the rarest type of cat. One that would look so cute.

Every single cryptokitty has characteristics that are unique to them. That is, every cryptokitty has its own attributes. Which in this game is called cattributes (nice).


These cattributes make them have special features. All the different characteristics that a cryptokitty has are kept as collectible non-fungible tokens.

You, as the owner of any cryptokitty can choose to sell it, trade it, just the same way you do with other digital assets.

You may also choose to bred it with other cryptokitties, in order to produce a new cryptokitty different from all the others.


This game is one of the very first games to be put on the block chain technology. The purpose for this game was for it to be played and enjoyed during free time.

Not so long after the game was launched, the game was so popular and successful that it actually affected the Ethereum network. Causing the Ethereum network to slow down.

People spend a lot on Cryptokitties. It is estimated that people have spent as much as $24 million on this game. That's a lot. The most costly cryptokitty sold was $110,707.

How to get started


Click on teach me how to breed. And that would bring you here.


I hereby introduce you to teacher Pepito - ok, it's time to learn how to breed.

There are seven steps to learning how to breed and teacher Pepito would put you through all the seven.

  • Step 1 - You would be reminded that indeed Cryptokitties is a game about breeding and collecting of digital cats.

  • Step 2 - You'd see a breed button, you should click it.

  • Step 3 - You'd select the Cryptokitties you want to breed. One of the two kitties is called the dame and the other is called the site.


  • Step 4 - You would be required to pay a small breeding fee. This is simply because the breeding is being written on the block chain. The breeding fee is about 0.008 ether. At this point, if you don't pay the fee, you'd be unable to proceed. But since this is just a teaching, we would see the next step of our breeding.

  • Step 5 - Your cryptokitty egg would be produced. Now, the parents would have to rest for any other breeding. You should click on the egg.

  • Step 6 - And that's your new kitty below. So cute. But can you see the unique eye shape. Now, that's a mutation, which came about as a result of the fact that the cattributes of both parents blend together to produce it.


  • Step 7 - Finally, you click on the profile button on the nav bar. And that's it, you've learned how to breed.

Next, you would be provided the link to create your account. And you would be needing a metamask. Which you can get from Chrome web store. The link would also be provided to you. The metamask would act as your login to the game.


Components and good things about this DApp

Since this game is about breeding, it's really nice that users are taught how to breed. The fact that teacher Pepito gets to teach users how to breed is really amazing.

I also like the fact that genetics was brought into this DApp, in the sense that when two Cryptokitties are bred, the unique attributes (or cattributes) that each of the Cryptokitties possess are combined randomly to produce a completely new cryptokitty. This is similar to what happens in real life. Hence, it's good as that creates continuous variation. It makes the game more fun.

I also like the fact that each cryptokitty is unique and different from every other cryptokitty. Plus the fact that you have complete ownership of your cryptokitty and can do whatever you want with it, it's cool.

And of course, I love the fact that these Cryptokitties are digital assets. Hence, you are breeding lovely, cute cats, not just for the fun of it, but also they are asset for you. This is completely amazing.

Things I don't like about this DApp

I don't like the fact that an individual would have to pay 0.008 ether as breeding fee to get started. This could really discourage a lot of people from starting.

Also, the fact that an individual has to have a metamask is something I would like to point out. People may just want to make use of a normal login. And not have to go on Chrome Web Store to acquire a metamask. It may just upset some people, and that may discourage them from continuing their account creation.

Also, the fact that this game is basically about breeding of cats may not be fun enough for some users. Perhaps, the addition of battles or other activities to this DApp would make it more fun.

Comparing this DApp with other DApps.

I would be comparing this DApp with two other similar DApps, which are Axie Infinity and Etheremon. Comparing Cryptokitties to Axie Infinity, you would find that Axie Infinity has battle, which makes it more fun basically. Breeding cute cats isn't bad, but perhaps, the addition of some more activities would make Cryptokitties a lot more fun.

Comparing Cryptokitties to Etheremon, you would find also that the battle in Etheremon makes it more fun. And the training of one's mons (fantasy creatures) is very nice. And the more you train your mons, the more their value increases. In Etheremon, you can actually train your mons till they evolve and start laying eggs. Also, by playing Etheremon, you get the chance to get in-game cryptocurrency that are called EMONT. EMONT, an ERC-20 token. You can exchange this token for ether or make use of the token in-game.

The number of users of Cryptokitties would most likely increase tremendously - If an alternative for metamask is created, to make login easier. If people don't need to pay breeding fee of 0.008 ether to get started. If more activities (eg battles) are added to cryptokitties, to make it more fun. Also, giving users a chance to get tokens by playing cryptokitties would greatly increase the number of users of this DApp.

Disclaimer: The content of this article does not intend to serve as financial advice, kindly do your own personal research.

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