Github synch doesn't sync repositories from all organisations

in #utopian-io5 years ago (edited)

I am part of multiple organisations on Github. This is my github profile. I tried syncing with Github today and faced a problem.


After authorising utopian with Github, many of my projects were not imported. In particular, none of the projects from an organisation (UprootLabs) were imported into utopian.

Example Projects which were not imported


I did ensure that that organisation permission was given during the oAuth process. And I double checked this by going to my github settings.


I can't be sure this bug is reproducible for everyone, because their organisations would be different. But for me it is always reproducible. Even if I click "synch with Github" multiple times, the projects from that organisation are not imported.

I hope this gives enough information about the issue. If any more details are required, I will be happy to share.


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can you add your GitHub link and a screenshot for your projects and add some more details for the projects that didn t synchronized and thank you.
You may edit your post here, as shown below:

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Thanks for looking @thegoldenphoenix

I have updated the post with more details; added my github profile and links to example projects that weren't imported.

I don't see the point in attaching a screenshot for this particular issue, as it is not a UI issue.

As it so happens, when I synced again today, all my projects were imported. So either something was fixed or the bug is intermittent.

Anyway, no need to approve this report now.

Hey sorry for the noise @thegoldenphoenix, but the bug has appeared again. For a brief time, all my repositories from all organisations were visible, but they are gone again today.

I have updated the post with details. Haven't added a screenshot as it is not a UI issue.

Please approve.

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.
You can contact us on Discord.

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