Steem reward manager : RC update

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With all these changes I feel like I'm constantly updating this tool. Which is not a bad thing !

Anyways, with hf20 came rc costs. At first I thought it wouldn't change much from the bandwidth and we would still be able to do whatever we wanted to do and spam the blockchain as we wished. Boy was I wrong.





Basically claiming became super expensive, and I almost drained my account and @steempress because this tool would claim way too often.

(even today @steempress is still at like 20% of its rcs)

So I made changes ! A lot if you look at the commit history.

(I'm usually the kind of guy who does one commit = 500 changes like this one so this is a lot of commits for me)

Timing changes

Claims are only once per hour

In the end do we really need to claim every 5 minutes ? Once per hour is way more than enough for most of us. So now the "claim" action will be triggered only once per hour.

Liquids actions are once every 5 minutes

But other actions still need to be triggered more often, for instance selling sbd for steem and powering it up/putting it in savings. So I made it so that the "sell sbd and do whatever you need to do with your liquid steem" action would be triggered every 5 minutes. This means that your usual liquid steem/sbd actions will still be executed as often as before :)

Power down resets are every minutes

This is actually a change that I wanted to do a while ago when coding the update that introduced power down resets (for more info see Here).

Since the timer used to be every 5 minutes for all the actions, this means that every week, assuming a worst case scenario, there can be a 5 minutes window of time where the power down is not reset. And even though it's a worst case scenario, it's still too much for me and I wanted it to execute every minute or less but I knew I had to make some relatively big design changes to the whole redeemer. But hey now it's done :D

So now your power downs will be much more efficient and worst cast scenario you'll only loose 54 minutes of power down over a year.

Dsteem is the new hype

It's been a lonnng while that I've been wanting to ditch steem-js in favor of dsteem (made by @almost-digital) which is more modern and much better to work with.

So I took the time and reworked the whole thing to use dsteem. Took a while and forced me to change pretty much all of the code but hey now it works !

And that should be it for now. See you around for another update :)

Oh and of course, please vote for @steempress as witness. :D


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Thanks for the update.

Basically claiming became super expensive.

Oh, wasn't aware of that. @mahdiyari, maybe steemauto consider expanding the intervals on claiming rewards to optimize the resource credits usage?

@howo, regarding 0ad3ba, let's keep the git history clean. :^)

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After hf20 I changed claiming rewards interval from 15 minutes to the 2 hours


@howo, regarding 0ad3ba, let's keep the git history clean. :^)

Hahaha will do


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