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Steem Engine

The python library uses a rpc client to communicate with the json RPC server. All descripted methods at have been implemented.

Furthermore a website api call for receiving account transfer history is supported.

Technology Stack

The library uses a rpc client based on the requests library for receiving data from the JSON RPC server.

Any function call from the RPC class is translated into a RPC JSON call

rpc.find({"contract": contract_name, "table": table_name, "query": query,
                             "limit": limit, "offset": offset, "indexes": indexes}, endpoint="contracts")

will be converted to:

    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "method": "find",
    "params": {
        "contract": "contract_name",
        "table": "table_name",
        "query": query,
        "limit": limit,
    "offset": offset,
    "id": 1

with the RPC JSON server url:"

All possible calls have been collected in the Api class.


The python package can be installed by:

pip install steemengine


Get the latest block of the sidechain

from steemengine.api import Api
api = Api()

Get the block with the specified block number of the sidechain

from steemengine.api import Api
api = Api()

Retrieve the specified transaction info of the sidechain

from steemengine.api import Api
api = Api()

Get the contract specified from the database

from steemengine.api import Api
api = Api()

Get an array of objects that match the query from the table of the specified contract

from steemengine.api import Api
api = Api()
print(api.find("tokens", "tokens"))

Get the object that matches the query from the table of the specified contract

from steemengine.api import Api
api = Api()
print(api.findOne("tokens", "tokens"))

Get the transaction history for an account and a token

from steemengine.api import Api
api = Api()
print(api.get_history("holger80", "NINJA"))


The next step will be using the beem library for sending token.
I'm planing also a command line tool for viewing token balances and sending token.

How to contribute?

Please use the issue tracker for bug reports and feature wishes. Pull requests are also welcome.

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Hi there @holger80!

The client library looks great. Library looks like a read-only library at the moment. It's nice that you plan to add support broadcasting like transferring, issueing tokens, etc.

I have a couple of minor code review comments :)

  • Method names don't follow the PEP8 conventions. We have get_history, and getLatestBlockInfo. I would prefer following PEP8's convention.

  • Regarding findOne, I would expect a single object here. If there are multiple objects returns, an exception might be raised. (Ex: Django ORM's objects.get works like that.)

  • It would be clear to check response status with response.status_code != 200 instead of str(response) != '<Response [200]>'.

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Thanks for fast review and the good suggestions.

Yes, broadcasting is on my list for the next update.


Thank you for your review, @emrebeyler! Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much for your work :)
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Interesting to read about this. Steemengine

Hi, @holger80!

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working on getting you some ENG tokens for this! Very cool and extremely helpful.

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