steem-scot - a distributor for Smart Contract Organizational Token

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The python scitp steem-scot is an implementation for distribute Smart Contract Organizational Token (SCOT).
It is possible to define a yearly inflation of the SCOT token. Each day, one part of the SCOT token are transferred from the SCOT account to accounts that were upvoted by SCOT token holders.
The amount of SCOT token that is sent, depends on the upvote weight, the amount of SCOT token the voter had and the inflation. It is possible to include only posts that are from a specific app, have the token symbol as tag or have the token symbol inside a new SETokensSupported field in the post json_metadata.

This post is a contribution to the SCOT Dev contest.

How does it work

At the beginning, I'm calculating the block number from yesterday (UTC) 0:00:00 and 23:59:59 by

        b = Blockchain(steem_instance=self.stm)
        yesterday = - timedelta(days=1)
        yesterday_0_0_0 = datetime(yesterday.year, yesterday.month,
        yesterday_23_59_59 = datetime(yesterday.year, yesterday.month,, 23,59, 59)
        start_block = b.get_estimated_block_num(addTzInfo(yesterday_0_0_0))
        stop_block = b.get_estimated_block_num(addTzInfo(yesterday_23_59_59))

Then I check if there is any token transfer of the SCOT token in this period:

        token_sent_last_24_h = 0
        for hist in self.token_wallet.get_history(self.scot_token["symbol"]):
            timestamp = datetime.strptime(hist["timestamp"], timeFormatZ)
            if timestamp <= yesterday_23_59_59:
            if hist["from"] != self.config["scot_account"]:
            token_sent_last_24_h = float(hist["quantity"])

When there was no token transfer, I proceed.
I fetch all token holder:

        offset = 0
        get_holder = self.scot_token.get_holder()
        offset += 1000
        new_holder = self.scot_token.get_holder(offset=offset)
        while len(new_holder) > 0:
            offset += 1000
            new_holder = self.scot_token.get_holder(offset=offset)  

calculate how many token are there:

        token_sum = 0
        for item in get_holder:
            if item["account"] == self.config["scot_account"]:
            token_sum += float(item["balance"])

and calculate, based on the daily inflation how many token should be send for a 100% upvote:

        for item in get_holder:
            if item["account"] == self.config["scot_account"]:
            token_sum += float(item["balance"])
            if float(item["balance"]) > 0:
                token_per_100_vote[item["account"]] = (float(item["balance"]) / token_sum) * self.daily_inflation / 10

(float(item["balance"]) / token_sum) is the part of the holder on all available tokens. (float(item["balance"]) / token_sum) * self.daily_inflation is then the daily amount for the holder to distribute. As there are 10 upvotes a day, token_per_100_vote is the number divided by 10.

In the next step, I stream all vote ops from the last day:

        token_to_authors = {}
        b = Blockchain(steem_instance=self.stm)
        for op in, stop=stop_block, opNames=["vote"], max_batch_size=50):
            if op["voter"] not in token_per_100_vote:
            if not self.config["downvotes"] and op["weight"] < 0:
            if not self.config["upvotes"] and op["weight"] > 0:
            comment = Comment(op, steem_instance=self.stm)
                print("Could not fetch %s" % comment["authorperm"])
            json_metadata = comment["json_metadata"]
            app = None
            SETokensSupported = None
            if isinstance(json_metadata, str):
                json_metadata = json.loads(json_metadata)
            if "app" in json_metadata:
                app = json_metadata["app"]
                if isinstance(app, dict) and "name" in app:
                    app = app["name"]
                elif isinstance(app, dict):
                    app = ""
            if "SETokensSupported" in json_metadata:
                SETokensSupported = json_metadata["SETokensSupported"]
            app_or_symbol = False
            if app is not None and len(self.config["included_apps"]) > 0 and app != "" and app in self.config["included_apps"]:
                app_or_symbol = True
            elif self.config["include_token_as_tag"] and self.scot_token["symbol"] in comment["tags"]:
                app_or_symbol = True
            elif SETokensSupported is not None and len(SETokensSupported) > 0 and self.scot_token["symbol"] in SETokensSupported:
                app_or_symbol = True
            if not app_or_symbol and not self.config["include_all_posts"]:
            token_amount = abs(op["weight"]) / 10000 * token_per_100_vote[op["voter"]]
            if op["weight"] < 0:
                if op["voter"] not in token_to_authors:
                    token_to_authors[op["voter"]] = token_amount
                    token_to_authors[op["voter"]] += token_amount
                if op["author"] not in token_to_authors:
                    token_to_authors[op["author"]] = token_amount
                    token_to_authors[op["author"]] += token_amount

and add the token to the token_to_authors dict.

As now less then 10 votes could be done per holder, I correct the token to the maximum available token amount:

token_to_authors[author] = token_to_authors[author] * self.daily_inflation / token_amount_to_sent

I take also the token precision into account and round the amount to sent:

token_to_authors[author] = math.floor(token_to_authors[author] * 10**self.scot_token["precision"]) / 10**self.scot_token["precision"]

Finally, the token are transferred:

        for author in token_to_authors:
            if token_to_authors[author] < 10**(-self.scot_token["precision"]):
            if self.config["no_broadcast"]:
      "Sending %f %s to %s" % (token_to_authors[author], self.scot_token["symbol"], author))
                self.token_wallet.transfer(author, token_to_authors[author], self.scot_token["symbol"], memo=self.config["token_memo"])


The package can be installed by

pip install steem-scot


Then a config.json need to be created and the token can be distributed once a day (after UTC 0:0:0) by:

scot config.json

A beempy wallet must be created and the active key of the scot_account must be added before.

The following fields must be included into the config.json:

scot_accountsteem account name, which should distribute the token
scot_tokentoken symbol, which should be distributed
token_memomemo which is attached to each token transfer
yearly_inflationyearly_inflation / 365 is the amount which is distributed daily
included_appsWhen set to [], it is skipped. Can include a list of apps which should be included into the distribution
include_token_as_tagWhen true, posts which have the token as one tag, are included
include_all_postsWhen false, a upvote of a post is only included when the app is added to included_apps, the symbol is added as tag or the symbol is added as SETokensSupported field in the post json_metadata
downvotesWhen true, downvoter which downvoted included posts will receive token
upvotesWhen true, post authors, which were upvoted by token holder will receive token
wallet_passwordContains the beempy wallet password
no_broadcastWhen true, no transfer is made


Let's assume the DRAGON token are a SCOT. The config.json could then be:

        "scot_account": "legendarydragons",
        "scot_token": "DRAGON",
        "token_memo":"Daily token share, please visit ... for more information.",
        "yearly_inflation": 10000,
        "included_apps": [],
        "include_token_as_tag": true,
        "wallet_password": "wallet_pass",
        "no_broadcast": true

The output of scot config.json is then: token transfer from legendarydragons... token transfer were found, continue... token holder were found. to send 27.397232 token to 556 accounts 0.154256 DRAGON to steemsports 0.030952 DRAGON to linnyplant 1.238393 DRAGON to intrepidphotos

Technology Stack

steem-scot uses beem and the steemengine library.


I'm planing to add more configuration methods. At the moment two restriction are in place:
transfers can only be made once a day after 0:0:0 UTC. Maybe, adding a timezone and allow distribution of token more than once are good ideas.

How to contribute

Bugs and ideas can be added as issue to github:
Pull requests are welcome.

GitHub Account

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I haven't really been keeping up with the Steem Engine stuff, nor do I really have any interest in all these tokens popping up (seems like every app has their own one nowadays). However, I still think it's always cool to see you, and others, developing things for other (Steem-based) projects!

As for the code:

  • Would've been nice if you included some of the comments in this post in the actual code itself - it's relatively difficult to read it without.
  • Good to see you included instructions for the config at least.
  • Overall high quality code, but could use some refactoring to comply with PEP8 for example, and maybe some magic numbers could be made into constants instead.
  • Including some tests could be beneficial.

Will be interesting to see you add some more configuration examples, as well as timezone support, so I'm looking forward to future updates!

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Thank you for your review, @amosbastian! Keep up the good work!

I wonder it this could be implemented as a web application with GUI for users/services/curation guilds that are not very into programming. Great potential here!

Amazing post.
I never thought that I could find a code like this so well explained.

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