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RE: Are there still bots and scripters on Drugwars?

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Hi @crokkon,

First of all thanks for your time and for bringing those important informations to the DrugWars & Steem community.
After your first analysis, we decided to take "the bull by the horns" and to improve the security of the game against all automated actions. As you described we implemented different checks at different levels without breaking the user experience.

Beside that we have also improved the playability and the performance which result in a better experience for everyone and that may also give less will to own and use bots.

As we were impressed to see the first analysis I and the team are also impressed to see this one. It clearly shows that the effort of our team made possible to stop the biggest majority of bots and to play drugwars without facing the same automated accounts.

Of course there are still few bots and we prefer to assume that we may be never able to stop all of them, so instead on focusing on some botters which doesnt represent even 1% of our players we will continue to improve the fun of our game and provide the best experience to all DrugLords.

Best regards,


thanks @hightouch, highly appreciated!

can you help me in the following issue with @drugwars:

i have made at 3:08 am on today 04/06/2019 an exchange of 112 future tokens into my steem account, but i did not recieve the value of steem till this moment while before it was matter of seconds,,,, can you please check my account of @red-rose
thank you

Sorry, I'm not part of the durgwars team, so I can't help you. It's probably best to join the drugwars discord and ask there.

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