[PHP Extension] Zodium: A libsodium OOP wrapper.

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New Project: Zodium PHP Extension.

This project is a PHP extension, written with Zephir to wrap the libsodium library in a object-oriented layer.

Basically, it aims to provide a clean, easy and safe alternative to the original bindings of the cryptographic library.

At this point, three API's are already available:

  • Hashing with BLAKE2b.
  • AEAD (Advanced Encryption with Associated Data).
  • SecretBox (Secret-key authenticated encryption with XSalsa20 and Poly1305).


The library aims to be really easy to use.







Technology Stack:

  • About libsodium:

Sodium is a modern, easy-to-use software library for encryption, decryption, signatures, password
hashing and more.

  • About Zephir:

Zephir, an open source, high-level language designed to ease the creation and maintainability of
extensions for PHP with a focus on type and memory safety.


Current features to be included are:

  • Constant-time helpers and safe evaluation of sensitive values.
  • Public-key Encryption.
  • Stand-alone message authentication.
  • Bind Zephir optimizers to calls on the libsodium directly.
  • Documentation
  • .phpt tests.

How to contribute?

  • Join the PHP discussions over the Discord PHP channel @ SteemDevs
  • Contact Telegram
  • Open an Issue
  • Engage on the post comments.

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Updated with the coolest code highlight ever!!!


Isso é muito nerd pra mim... Seria uma implementação de segurança de dados pra arquivos básicos de criptografia?

projeto #ptgram power | faça parte | grupo steemit brasil

Isso é uma biblioteca básica de criptografia @alyaugusto.

Basicamente ela tem várias funcionalidades, entre elas criptografia com chaves publicas e privadas e também com chaves secretas.

Cada módulo é usado para uma função diferente dentro do mundo da criptografia.

Essa biblioteca, libsodium já existe no PHP mas a interface de uso dela nõa é orientada a objetos.

Esse meu trabalho permite uma interface mais intuitiva na hora de usar.


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