PHP-ALPINE: Package conflicts and extension fixes.

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This update includes fixes and new examples for PHP-ALPINE.

0. Background.

PHP-ALPINE provides a simple and up-to-date alternative for running PHP projects on Alpine Linux.

The project provides packaged binaries and extensions for PHP as soon they are available on

Also, many PECL extensions, that otherwise would be harder to compile, are also packaged and released alongside the repository.

1. Bug Fixes.

This release fixes:

1.1. ImageMagick extension dependencies.

Some users related PNG and JPG parsing with ImageMagick extension were not working properly, this release fixes that by including the ImageMagick package itself as dependency, instead of only libimagemagick.

The bug was reported on PHP 7.2 but to prevent any further bugs, the dependency were introduced on PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.2 releases.

1.2. Package dependency contraints.

Some users reported that, the official packages were being installed as dependency, which would make the whole install to crash.

This release fixes that by including a min and max version to every dependency.

This will fix installing a given dependency for PHP 7.2 and end up with wrong PHP 7.1 packages.

2. New Features.

One new feature was introduced on this release:

2.1. Virtual package names.

To avoid further package conflicts, every package and extension now includes a virtual name, which should be used instead of the core package name.

This means that from now, every package can be installed without the 7 version indicator.

In other words:

apk add php7-xdebug@php

Can be used as:

apk add php-xdebug@php

This will make the build scripts easier and this virtual name aims to be conflict less with the official PHP packages.

3. Updates.

On this release, PHP version were updated to the last upstream versions, on both Alpine v3.6 and v3.7 repositories.

Current version are: 7.2.4 for PHP 7.2 and 7.1.16 for PHP 7.1

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I'm taking notes on those to improve on the next contributions!

Keep up the good work!

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