PHP-ALPINE: Base Images; Mailparse and secp256k1 Support.

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1. New Features

This update introduces some new features:

1.1. Base Images.

Now, there are 4 new base Docker images to be used, those images serves as both starting point and examples of usage within Docker.

Base Images
If you want, you can use the base images as your starting point on this repository:

The available images are:

codecasts/alpine-3.7:php-7.2PHP 7.2 on Alpine v3.7
codecasts/alpine-3.7:php-7.2PHP 7.1 on Alpine v3.7
codecasts/alpine-3.6:php-7.2PHP 7.2 on Alpine v3.6
codecasts/alpine-3.6:php-7.1PHP 7.1 on Alpine v3.6

1.2. New Extension: Mailparse.

Mailparse is a PHP extension which allows easy manipulation of email essages.

It was compiled and included on the project repositories, to install the library:

apk add php-mailparse@php

1.3. New Library and Extension: secp256k1.

secp256k1 is the elliptic curve used on Bitcoin, Steem and many other cryptocurrencies.

On this update, two packages were included:

apk add libsecp256k1@php
apk add php-secp256k1@php

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