Invalid SBD unit for transfers

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This bug is a simple unit error when using the transfer wizard on

Expected behavior

When hitting the transfer button, and selecting SBD as unit, the currency should be shown to be selected between STEEM and SBD, and after typing the amount and clicking the transfer button, be redirected to the correct SteemConnect transfer URL.

This is what sould be presented after clicking send:


Actual behavior

The SBD unit has a * after, and that sign is being used when building the URL.

Example URL built on the the website:*&memo=hidden

Notice, that after the URL decode, this should be something like: SBD*&memo=hidden

Of course, the * there is preventing SteemConnect to recognize the amount, and an error is shown:


How to reproduce

Use, and try to transfer values. Busy staging does not present the same error.

The form validation must be the one introducing the * symbol, but I cannot find it easy to reproduce.

Update: Just found, the * symbol is introduced there when you hit the transfer button before the wallet information has been completely loaded.

  • Browser: Google Chrome (v66 / latest)
  • Operating system: Arch Linux

Recording Of The Bug

Screenshots were already provided on the previous sections.


Excelente gracias por la información muy interesante

Hello @hernandev,
This is a really good post. I am really glad you are reporting valid bugs. but the bug reported in this post was fixed 4 days ago in this commit here. As it was fixed 4 days ago and this post is created 2 days ago. I cannot accept old bugs which are already fixed. If the PO fixes the bug after your post. that is good and within our rules. however, in this scenario it is opposite. I'll have to reject it
Thank you for understanding.

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Don't worry @sachincool, that's exactly how bug reports should work, sometimes the bug is only locally, sometimes it's a regression, and every contributor reporting bugs should be aware that being accepted or not, they should keep sending those. It's better for the projects to have as much feedback as possible.

Thanks for the hard work finding the appropriate fix on the code.

Well thanks for the info. I haven't faced this bug so far, but if I do I already know what to do now.

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Mais um bug para concertar. Eu também não gosto quando não tem como escolhe entre SBD e Steem, esses dias eu fui pagar o bot de upvote ele não aceitava steem, acredita?

Um abraço velho.

projeto #ptgram power | faça parte | grupo steemit brasil

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