Graphic Task Request: Blender 3D Low Poly Character of The Magic Frog

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About the Project

The Magic Frog is a Bot/Website utilizing the STEEM blockchain to reward everyone involved in a collaborative storytelling project. By submitting small pieces of text (and even images), that the community can vote on everyday, the story evolves and sometimes takes quite strange, funny or interesting turns.

The Magic Frog is currently available in English, French and German and more languages will follow!



The objective of this task request is to obtain a Blender 3D Low Poly Character of The Magic Frog inspired from the main logo seen here:


The resulting model should look like something similar to these:


Keep in mind while designing this model that other task requests will be made in the future for rigging and animating for use in realtime puppeteering.


One 3D riggable Blender model will be used in our video production of updates of #the-magic-frog.


  • Source files will need to be provided copyright and license free.
  • The resulting character model will have a minimum of:
    • a head, body, mouth, tongue, eyes and eye lids, 4 limbs and all fingers.
    • a hat and clothes.
    • all properly collored.


  • August 17th 2018 11:59 UTC


  • The Utopian upvote for your contribution post should be the minimum to expect.


  • Interested contributors can contact us on Discord, ask questions and get involved.


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This is what I got so far:


Next up is some refining, texturing, rigging and the final render.

Hope you like it:)


I love it! Great job bringing the frog in 3D.

This task request is now open.

  • Deadline: Post only to comments! The final time you can post the comment with your design is 17th of August 2018 11:59 UTC. After this deadline, your contribution cannot be rewarded by Utopian. (its deadline for posting to comments)
  • The best design choosen by the project owner following all requirements will be rewarded. Other works might be rewarded if they achieve high quality.
  • Make sure your design fits the requirements.

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

Need help? Write a ticket on
Chat with us on Discord.

Hey, that's interesting.

What are the rewards for this kind of work like? You kinda read my mind that I wanted to do this more.


What a coincidence! @helo messaged me in Discord about it. But since I am to busy to do it, I thought I'd tell you and the other Blender artists I know. :)


Fancy that. Yeah, I like the community building around 3D going on here. I might have time to do it, but I wouldn't know where to start. Deadline is pretty small. It's a voting competition right?


I've increased the deadline to 2 weeks. Let me know of your progress.


Nice, that's good time.

Developer Question

You mentioned this is a Utopian project.. that means I have to link the Github and follow the Utopian post guidelines to get the project up and running then voted on? How to I push the files to the repository? Should I build a branch?
I can sync to Github - I just need access.

Mind clarifying the application and developer process?


Thank you for reaching out on Discord, I will add the answers shared there for posterity.

The guidelines are here you'll have to manually click on "Contributions" tab then on the orange brush of the "Graphics" section.

Here is the template for your STEEMpost:

I would also add that looking at previous accepted posts is always very educational.

Does the frog has to have the same anatomy as pictured? I never rigged and animated anything else than a character with two legs and arms walking as a human, but I could give it a try:)

Oh man, I hit enter instead of clicking the button to post. Just noticed that now:/


Yes like the pictures, the frog is at ease on its four limbs.

But don’t worry yet about rigging, that will be on the next task request. This one is just the 3D model ready to rig.

Please just us on discord and let’s talk!

Ok, dibs

Interest is now displayed on this project. Will work on it. Stay tuned!

Hey @helo
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next task request!

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