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RE: Analyzing Dtube

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There is something wrong in your data.

Further analysis shows that of this 2856 posts voted on by @dtube only 1304 of these were posted made via Dtube

We literally only vote on DTube videos since the delegation. Pre-delegation I probably used it a couple of times on some steemit articles for sure, but 100% of votes are on dtube videos now.

Also you graph showing the activity on dtube is totally wrong for a couple of months, we never had less than 250 videos posted per day.


Just voted up your comment to make it visible to all. okay so I must be missing an app version. Can you confirm my list and let me know what I am missing?

dtube', 'dtube/0.5','dtube/0.1','dtube/0.2','dtube/0.3''dtube/0.4'

I have linked the votes from the votes table in the steemsql db via the permlink field to the permlink field in the comment table. Is there any way these tables could be different?.....

I have removed the 1304 posts part......

By the way, awesome work, love it.

Actually you are missing a comma between 0.3 and 0.4 version, that could explain why these 2 versions are absent from the graph :D

well spotted, running the new query now

that fixed the problem. you rock. thank you. I have updated the post

That seems to be correct versions that we used.

From AskSteem:*+AND+created%3A2017-10-28
291 videos on 2017/10/28 for example

Thank you for the clarification. I didn't know I can use AskSteem for that.

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