mmpf. ohk we can debug this. I am typing this from the app.

  1. Is your feed and blog loaded?
  2. did you enter your posting key?
  3. If you have entered your posting key then does it say signed while liking or commenting?

if it does not say signed try a nonce value of like 39 or some weird number. Can you tell me your phone model so maybe I can tey and debug?

My feed and blog is loaded. I entered my posting key. I never get the signed message when I perform any activity. Just an unending progress bar.

My phone model is Redmi note 5 pro.

Btw I reported some new bugs, please check them out.

aha try 31 or 39 as a nonce value or some weird number. I'll try and create a emulator so I can look for a nonce value as well.

Tried 31. Still not working. How does the nonce system work? Is there no way for the app to function without the nonce?

I'll again check steemits code for signing transactions, but the basic thing is that a transaction is signed and then broadcasted. For signing we have to iterate over a nonce value very quickly to find a signature which is canonical.

Ooops. I really don't understand anything about code and stuff. I just want to be able to use the app. I also noticed that I can't upload image

yeah, nothing will work if a transaction is not signed. try 37. Or 57. Sorry for this. I will try finding out more on my end. If you find one which works do tell me.

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