Esteemapp v2 Android. There is a capture image button beneath the settings page.

in utopian-io •  2 months ago

Project Information

Expected behavior

Esteemapp is a steem android client. The app allows users publish blogs on steem. The app has a settings page where users can modify certain functions of the app.
As expected, the settings page should only contain useful options that affect's the app's functionalities.

Actual behavior

There is an icon or a button beneath the settings page. The capture image icon to be precise. Clicking it performs the expected action though. Which is to capture an image to be uploaded while creating a post. Naturally this icon isn't meant to be there.

The issue has been reported on Github. One of the project's developer has acknowldged that it is a bug that has to do with window size.

How to reproduce

  1. Go to to settings on the app
  2. See error

Link to software here

  • Device: [Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pro]
  • OS: [Android]
  • Version [Android 8.1]

Screenshots Of The Bug

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Thanks for your contribution @harry-heightz

First off all, it's great to see that you reported this issue to the project owner and waited for acknowledgment, this is considered best practice and well done for that.

Bugs such as this can be tricky to spot as there is such as wide variety of devices available on Android, with that said it has a minimal impact on the main user journey and although it will effect some users it is not in a common area of the application, this is reflected in my scoring in relation to severity.

For future contributions I thought I would provide you some useful feedback. Items such as "As expected, the settings page should only contain useful options that affect the app's functionalities." don't really much clarity and overall provide minimal value within your report? For what is the definition of useful options? I know in this scenario it's obvious, but clarity is important within bug hunting contributions.

Providing further insight into the issue is always encouraged at Utopian and providing an indication as to why the issue occurred will help you to improve your score.

Your post was straight to the point and was easy to understand. I would have liked to have seen the software version number in the post too, this is easy to find in the applications area within Android.

Once again, thanks for your contribution and hope to see further contributions from you in the future.

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Thank you for your review, @tobias-g! Keep up the good work!

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