EasySteem, a library that makes Steem javascript developments easy!

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EasySteem v1.0

Each and every Javascript developers on Steem has looked for the basics on how to interact with the Steem blockchain, that's a fact, the documentations are not that great (however the community is really here to help, you just need to find the right people!)
With this project I wanted to bring a very easy-to-use javascript library that will help beginners with Steem javascript development to perform actions on the Steem blockchain hence the name EasySteem :P


There is a documentation available at https://harpagon210.github.io/easysteem/index.html but I will show you in a few lines how easy it is to perform a few basic actions

1- add the EasySteem library to your project

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/harpagon210/easysteem@1.0/dist/js/easysteem.min.js"></script>

2- instantiate the library

var easysteem = new EasySteem('my.app', 'mySuperApp', '1.0.0')

3- log the user into Steemconnect

easysteem.getLoginUrl(['comment'], 'https://my-awesome-website.com/steemconnect/')

4- parse the returned data from Steemconnect


5- create an article

easysteem.createPost( 'My article title!', '**My article body.**', 'my-article-category')

6- there is no 6... you're done already...

Other features available:

As for now you can perform basic actions like:

  • downvote
  • upvote
  • create/update/delete a post
  • create/update/delete a comment
  • follow
  • unfollow
  • reblog
  • logout
  • more details in the docs https://harpagon210.github.io/easysteem/index.html
  • the steemconnect api is available via easysteem.steemconnectapi
  • the steem api is available via easysteem.steem.api

More info:

  • Technology Stack

The library is developed in Javascript ES6, it uses Steem and Steemconnect APIs to perform the actions on the blockchain

  • Roadmap

There are more basic features that I would like to add to this library to help even more the Steem development community

  • How to contribute?

This project is open source and is available at https://github.com/harpagon210/easysteem

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