Smart Contracts for licensing payouts, Adding a copyright field/license and attribution vector into a post

We need a copyright field and license field in a utopian post. Also an attribution vector is needed to attribute content to sources. We will also need an editor to edit these. This is similar to the citation tool.

The license selector can be similar to the mediawiki licenses list

Each time you past something into an utopian editor, a text snippet, picture etc, it should also be able tp prompt you (opt in) about where it came from if that cannot be extracted from the paste event.

We want to be able to drag and drop content as well from other websites into a post and reference it with attribution and license data.

An additional feature will give you warnings for example if you have a CC post but for example include copyrighted or unlicensed content.

We will want to be able to filter posts or pictures by license, find projects by license or even just look for compatible posts.

Also in the future if you want to include someone's picture in your post, you should have the option to license it from them via some smart contract, so if your post gets money you might want to share it with them.

For large projects like Wikipedia image
it would be nice to setup an escrow account so that steem collected for wikipedia will be donated to the project at some point. This will be detailed in a open source escrow account post later.

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